Dems pinning their hopes on Trump conviction

Works for me.

Again, you guys couldn't get Clinton on Whitewater, the Travel Office, the FBI files, Vince Foster's Suicide, Castle Grande, but DAMMIT HE LIED ABOUT GETTING A BLOW JOB! and needed to be persued to the ends of the earth in a 70 million dollar panty sniffing investigation.

You guys whine about "lawfare" all day, but you invented it with Clinton.

I am reminded of an adage about glass houses and throwing stones.

The poll predicting Trumps verdict is a direct reflection of the Deep State posters on this board. ~2:1 including many MODS. They troll, harrass and lie without consequence. Don’t see how to paste Screen shot on tablet.
Not for long.

The problem with these swing state polls is that you still have about 10% who are undecided.

That will change when Trump get convicted and people realize how truly unhinged he is.
The change will happen when Trump gets convicted? By now, people know Trump after 8 years in politics and even longer being in the public eye. What's Trump going to do that going to make those undecided people think he's truly unhinged? You saying that things will change based on a conviction proves the OP point. Because it isn't policy or anything really Biden is putting out that moving the needle.
Filing false business documents to hide illegal campaign expenditures.

We just got four weeks of evidence.
/----/ Please tell me what the charges are and the specific laws that were violated. Please tell me the precedence that these laws have been used for. TIA
That's what it boils down to. I saw this coming, did you? If they succeed, what will the future of politics be?

---A new poll released on Thursday found that if former President Donald Trump is found guilty in his Manhattan hush money trial, he will lose the popular vote to President Joe Biden.---

A verdict of guilt will change no one's mind. A verdict of not guilty will ensure a second Trump term.

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