Democrats Bank On Angry Republicans


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Jul 11, 2004
By JB Williams
Oct 17, 2006

The progressive lamestream press says that democrats are poised to regain political power this November, for the first time since removed from power in 1994. Conservatives across this land are worried that they could wake up to Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House and/or Harry Reid as Senate Majority Leader. Something worthy of worry for sure…

But Democrats know a few things that many conservatives fail to grasp.

--Democrats must win in November to avoid a complete collapse of their Party.

--Democrats can’t win without the help of Republican voters.

--Secular Socialist Democrats control the DNC, but are a small voting minority.

--For Democrats to win, Republicans must stay home or defect.

--Democrats can only win by default.

For Republican voters to help Democrats into power, they must be tricked into helping. No conservative could ever vote for a modern secular socialist democrat, so their vote must be against something else.

There’s no getting around the fact that very real Bush administration failures such as inadequate border security, continued illegal immigration, record social spending and a stumbling commitment to victory in Iraq has left the door wide open for Democrats to regain power. However, there is a bit more to it than that.

In order for conservative voters to defect, or even stay home, they must believe that Democrats would do it all better!

Now even the most naïve conservative could never believe such a thing. Democrats are the social spending experts. Even though Bush has outspent all previous administrations, Democrats are campaigning on the notion that he still didn’t spend enough.

Although Democrats attack Bush’s lack-luster border security, they campaign on the notion that there isn’t even any such thing as illegal immigration, seeing no difference between legal immigrants and illegal immigrants. They even campaign on promises of federal handouts and civil rights for illegal immigrants and open borders period.

And though few Americans feel like we are being “all we can be” in Iraq, conservatives are angered that we have not lowered the boom in Iraq, not that we have failed to cut-n-run!

It’s a case of does two wrongs make a right? Conservatives unhappy with the Bush administration are looking for someone more conservative, not secular socialists even further left than Bush and Co.

In a presidential election, a minority party can win by simply recruiting a strong third party conservative that will divide the conservative vote, creating a numerical majority win by default. In 1992, it was Ross Perot who provided that divide, leaving Democrats in a functioning majority, even though Clinton was elected by substantially less than 50% of the popular vote. Perot provided the divide again in 1996 and Clinton won again with less than 50% of the popular vote.

But in a congressional mid-term election, it isn’t quite that simple. They have to win more than one race. They must divide a nation, not a voting bloc. They can’t win by third party divisions. They must win one race at a time, one district at a time, in multiple districts in order to shift the balance of power nationally.

To do this, they need mass numbers of opposition voters to either stay home or defect. Not defect to a third party alternative, but all the way to the other side. While many angry conservatives might like to vote against liberal republicans this fall, any vote against a liberal republican is in fact a vote for a socialist democrat. Voters must defect from the right, all the way to the left…

The notion of any middle ground should be effectively put to rest by now. Show me a moderate in either political camp, and I’ll show you a politician without power. You won’t even recognize their name. They are sidelined, sitting on the bench, ineffective and unable to make any difference at all. They are waiting for their term to end to go home or planning their defection to an Independent status, like Joe Lieberman.

So the question isn’t - are conservatives less than impressed with the current republican leadership. The question is – are they angry enough to defect all the way to the dark side? Are they disenchanted enough to stay home in November, handing victory to their arch enemy on the left by default?

Democrats and their lamestream press are clearly banking on disenchanted conservative voters this fall. Without the help of angry conservatives, democrats have no chance of regaining power.

Will their efforts to paint every republican a pervert via the Foley case work? Will they be able to convince pro-life, pro-military, pro-security, pro-sovereignty and pro-capitalism conservatives to stay home or vote for a secular socialist? I just don’t see it happening…

A drive up the road will convince you that conservatives are not happy with their current leadership. Most of the yards usually proud to display their party campaign signs are empty this year. But even though they don’t have the typical campaign signs in the yard, the same principles are still in their hearts and still on their minds. Come Election Day, sign or no sign, they will be in the voting booth and they won’t be pulling the lever for people they have fought against all their lives.

Progressive political operatives masquerading as news anchors can predict all they want on the basis of their slanted polling results or the signs they see in the yards across America. But they can not predict how people will vote when they step into the booth and face the decision available, semi-liberal republican leadership or full-blown socialist leadership.

Conservatives are not known for their ignorance, nor are they known for being passive by nature. They don’t usually march in parades, attend sit-ins or burn flags to make their point. They go to the polls at election time and make their statement. They are often referred to as the silent majority because they are usually too busy with productive lives to sit around pontificating with their liberal friends. But that silent majority has been speaking loud and clear in every election since 1994, and I don’t expect that to change this November!

Conservatives have nothing to fear but their own apathy or appetite for vengeance. If they vote, they win!

DON'T FORGET....GO OUT AND VOTE.....................................REPUBLICAN:thup:
Yeah, I'll vote. Yes, I'm unhappy with many of the things coming from the administration. I'm even more unhappy that the legislative branch has failed to use their majorities. However, the result of the Democrats being in power, well they have nothing to offer other than 2 years of special prosecutors, which would come to nought.
The republicans im angry at arent ones I can vote against. Last thing im going to do is punish my representatives who are actually doing what they were sent their to do.

And if they want angry republicans. im pretty angry. AT DEMOCRATS for trying to smear my representatives who are doing what I want.

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