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Democrat party policies and racism causing violent crime across the country...so called "Bail Reform," edition.


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Jul 19, 2014
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This looks at New York...where keeping criminals in jail and prison was just a silly idea....so letting them out was the way to go cause.......racism? And now, the violent offenders who were kept in jail cause, they were violent offenders, have now been released back into the community.......

And they are being violent...just like they were being violent when they were arrested for the crime the democrats said they didn't have to pay bail for anymore...

One such example was the decision of New York’s legislature to pass a so-called “bail reform” law that ended cash bail as well as most instances of pre-trial detention. The measure was based on the idea that requiring bail for those awaiting trial led to far too many people being stuck in jail. Such people, who were innocent until proven guilty, were unable to buy their way out of jail by posting a bond assuring authorities they would show up for their day in court.

The fact that many of those facing that dilemma are poor, black Americans convinced many on the left the system had to be changed. But while this effort may have been well-intentioned, its proponents were guilty of being so focused on creating more equity that they ignored why civil societies have criminal justice systems: to protect innocent citizens from criminals.

The passage of New York’s bail reform law in 2019 led authorities to essentially empty the jails of those being held without bail in anticipation of the implementation of the new law.

The result? Most of those stuck in jail were repeat offenders, and when released, they went back to committing crimes.

The overwhelming majority of those affected by that crime wave were, of course, minorities whose neighborhoods were made less safe.

But leftist advocates of “equity” weren’t interested. Throughout 2020, especially after the death of Floyd, they focused their attention and efforts on demonizing the police as targeting black Americans even though the evidence debunks their claims.

The timing was also particularly troubling because it coincided with a spree of antisemitic crimes as Orthodox Jews were largely targeted by black American assailants in the greater New York area. Indeed, one such perpetrator, a woman named Tiffany Harris who had been jailed repeatedly for committing assaults against Orthodox Jewish women, was freed again and again.


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