"Decolonising" curriculums is all the rage now in education.

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Nov 1, 2015
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Tell me again how the product sucks? How are you determining that?
I’m happy that there are exceptions

but the masked marxists rioting in the streets are examples of the liberal education system also

and more successful examples from the lib teachers point of view
They are from liberal dominated school districts in your liberal dominated large cities and states like NY, CA and similar blue states. When are you going to push the "I believe" button instead of spreading bullshit with a broad brush?
Tell me about your educational background.
I already did. Read the thread.


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May 22, 2017
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The push for this has its roots in Educational Psychology, more specifically in a very widespread movement known as Critical Pedagogy. It seeks to "disrupt" the current system of education, which it views as oppressive towards marginalized groups and to replace it with a more inclusive system that equally values "other ways of knowing", such as the marginalized beliefs and customs of indigenous cultures as well as the "real, lived experience" of individual students. It encourages students to reject traditional learning in favor of "rule breaking" and to replace existing knowledge with entirely new paradigms, rather than progressively enhancing the state of knowledge from within the existing system. It rejects the notion that objective scientific knowledge accumulates over time step by step. Instead, one set of scientific beliefs is said to be discarded and replaced wholesale with another incompatible set for primarily cultural and political reasons, as opposed to technical merits, through social conflict, resulting in the eventual overthrow of the dominant system. This is what apparently happened in the case of colonization and is a process some progressive educators would like to undo. During colonization, the dominant culture simply replaced the mathematical and scientific practices of the indigenous people they colonized even though the indigenous people's knowledge in those areas wasn't necessarily less advanced than our own.

Here are a few videos and articles that discuss some of the related topics.


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