Daring Women

Sep 12, 2008
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It is a Korean Soap I have been watching the last two months. Lots of really good catfights, lots of angst, and really good characters.

Of course, it wouldn't work in an American context. Much of the action comes up because in Korea and the rest of Asia it is normal for three, four or even five generations to live in the same house. Here, we have problems with just two.

Basic story starts out with newlywed couple living in husband's household. She is finishing college, and he has a startup cosmetic company. Husband's sister is in college in Italy. Husband's mom is Mother in law from the deepest pit of hell. But the female lead knows about Korean mama in laws, and loves her hubby, so she puts up with it.

Husband's sister comes back from Italy with a baby. No husband, just baby. MIL makes lead and husband adopt the baby so that her daughter can come home with the baby cared for. (Needless to say, lead has no idea who the mom is.)

After the baby is adopted, husband gets run over, and his company goes broke. So lead has no place to go, but stay with her in laws.

Flash forward five years, sister in law in still unmarried, but baby is now old enough to go to school, so lead gets a job. Sister in law also gets a job, for the same company. Sister in law romances the son of the company president and marries him.

and company president notices lead, and romances her. according to the trailers they will marry too.

So you got the two in laws, the baby and the new situation with how the sisters in law relate.

Need I mention they hate each other?

It has been a great show. I am so looking forward to today's episode.

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