Damn! United Nations investigates claim of ISIS organ theft


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Nov 21, 2013
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United Nations investigates claim of ISIS organ theft - CNN.com

Dear Lord, this is disgusting.

The claims are being made that ISIS is burning the bodies of soldiers it has killed and that it is engaging in human organ traffic.

There is a video at the link from CNN, I encourage you to watch it.

The Iraqi ambassador, Mohamed Alhakim, on Tuesday urged the Security Council to investigate the deaths of 12 doctors in Mosul, Iraq. He said they were killed after refusing to remove organs from bodies.

"Some of the bodies we found are mutilated ... that means some parts are missing," he told reporters, adding that there were openings in the back of the bodies where the kidneys would be located.

"This is clearly something bigger than we think," Alhakim said.

The plunder of bodies for usable organs and tissues is widespread, according to Nancy Scheper-Hughes, director of Organs Watch, a University of California, Berkeley-based documentation and research project.

"Organ theft during wars, civil wars, dirty wars, wars involving undisciplined armies is not uncommon," Scheper-Hughes, chair of Berkeley's doctoral program in medical anthropology, said in an email.

The U.N.'s Iraqi mission on Wednesday said Alhakim was not granting interviews.

"At this point we're not in a position to corroborate what he says, but obviously any source of illegal financing of groups such as ISIS or other extremist groups is extremely worrisome," U.N. spokesman Stephane Dujarric told CNN.

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