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Credit Card Companies Change Tactics


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Nov 11, 2009
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New Jersey
how-the-credit-card-act-wil-affect-types-of-credit-cards: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance

These, in my opinion, slime balls deserve nothing less than everyone telling them to "F" OFF.
Or start using them in a VERY VERY conservative manner.

Why do people continue to borrow against their future earnings plus pay an outrageous fee to do so? They must be following the Obama and friends economic recovery,stimulus,healthcare and who knows what else models for economic efficiency.

I love how average people, not corporate, use their cards for everyday purchases :lol: to buy items, for instance, in a "SALE" and use their cards that charge them up the 'Kazoo' for doing so, negating the sale price PLUS! Hilarious how dumb we are in a way, me included in the past. I know there are times when many need those cards in a pinch, but all too often they are used without regard to the consequences, as the CC Companies well know. In my opinion the CC Companies only reason for existence is 99% to screw the consumer out of as much money as they can, and they DO! :lol: Why do the masses seem to enjoy this manipulation? I haven't had a CC card in about 10 years now, except for two gas cards,but pay cash for that now because of the extra fee for using the card. I was one of those CC people at one time and now I am free. :eek:
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