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Comp. Immig. Reform false claims.


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Apr 20, 2009
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Reno, NV

Those who advocate Comp. Immig. Reform is making many false claims. By legalizing 20 million illegal aliens they would pay taxes and help the economy and create jobs for American. All which are false. They pay taxes now and it has not helped the economy or created jobs for Americans.

The only difference between legal and illegal is that being legal they would bring their families members into the country. Some elderly and disabled and would cost the country more because they would be eligible for all the benefits Americans have except voting. The taxes they would pay would not off set the benefits they would gain which it no difference from what the get now by way of their anchor babies and being low income earners. They receive healthcare, education, food stamps, welfare money, WIC, free breakfast and lunches and free cell phones. Debunking the claim that illegal aliens do not receive welfare. Legalization with chain migration, the cost would be astronomical. ItÂ’s false claims with fuzzy math. Ask those states with large populations of illegal aliens where hospitals are going bankrupt because illegal aliens do not pay their medical bill and states are going bankrupt taking care of anchor babies.

Ask those states who is trying to pass immigration laws with enforcement of our immigration laws who is trying to stop and reverse illegal immigration because they cannot afford it.

Legalization by Comp. Immig. Reform would not change anything. Business would still need cheap labor and the border crossing will continue as it did after the 1986 amnesty and resulted in 20 million more illegal aliens. We all know that legalization or amnesty will not change anything except encourage more illegal immigration and cost us more.

Making it easier to migrate here is only importing more poverty and more crime.

If we pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform we may as well stop spending taxpayers money on fences and border patrols an open the border and put out welcome mats.

Even Obama talks about Comprehensive Immigration Reform encourages more illegal immigration.

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