Church & State: Street Talk


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Sep 22, 2013
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How are the lines between Church and State connected to issues regarding lifestyle?

Today's mass consumerism culture has brought up focus on resource access and how multi-ethnic rights to resource access catalyzes a new form of high-profile populism. How sophisticated can or should the federal government's role in the management of family values be in this modern age of high-profile populism?

Mormons are an American religious group sometimes espousing beliefs in multi-spouse households, but American legal norms are not necessarily conducive to such lifestyle philosophies.

Should the American government regulate the civil processes associated with polygamy (one husband, many wives) and polyandry (one wife, many husbands) so as to create a more politics-oriented dialogue about populism sensuality?

Such new society rapture considerations reveal the sociological marketing of prosperity-punctuation consumer iconography video games such as "Diner Dash" (GameLab).


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