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Christmas in august lol


Aug 27, 2020
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On my way home from work...
I bought big 14 foot natural Christmas tree..
$1500 worth of Christmas ornaments and Christmas lights..

I bought my wife a gold diamond necklace, ring, bracelet, and wristwatch and a new chanel bag..

I bought about 2,000 worth of boardgames, giftwrapped.

I bought a book of bible and Christmas stories..

I went to a specialty grocery store..
And I bought a whole cooked turkey..
A whole cooked ham, and a whole cooked goose and a whole cooked chicken..

A big pot of ready made turkey noodle soup.
A big plate of turkey stuffing and a big plate of chicken stuffing..
2 big giant cans of cranberry jelly.

A big plate of white mashed potatoes and a big plate of candied yams.
1 big can of creamed corn.

2 Pepperidge farm Chocolate cakes.
2 Pepperidge farm strawberry cakes.
2 Pepperidge farm key lime cakes.

Two pecan pies, two key lime cream pies and two chocolate cream pies.
And two big buckets of ice cream.

4 big jugs of Apple cider.
4 two liter bottles of coca cola and cherry coke and cherry vanilla coke.
And vanilla pepsi and Root beer.
And Blackberry merlot wine and hard cider.

Came home.. Erected and decorated the Christmas tree..
Decorated it..
Decorated the house...

Put the food on the table...had everybody at the table and we began saying the Episcopal Nicene creed, and the Lord's prayer.

Then we played the passion of Christ on the TV, and watched Scrooge..

And played a game of the ministers cat.

My kids asked me what my day was like..
I said not good...
Not today kids, not today..
Today is the kind of day that we need to love eachother and have a warm loving Christmassy feast and atmosphere in this house.

They asked me what's wrong..
I said..
Well, there are some people in this world, okay.. Some people that really are quite something..
Something that, has no place in this house, at our dinner table, under our Christmas tree, or in our thoughts..
Don't you people worry about a goddamn thing..
Don't I worry about a goddamn thing.. Because none of us did a damn thing wrong, I went out there and I did it right today.. Like the champ I am.. But sometimes a man does his best, but more is there is to do, and other people do their worst in return.

But The bottom line is, We have eachother, and eachother is all we need..
And that is god's bottom line.
We're all going to be okay..

Let's enjoy the stories, the games..the christmas, orchestra and Victorian music..
Have a big beautiful dinner.. Open up the presents that Santa Claus brought..
And let's all hug each other on the big sectional.



Aug 27, 2020
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And I told my kids, that this precisely is how they, those something elses in this world.. don't win.

They win when I come home and beat you all up.

They win when I start doing drugs.
They win, when I go kill somebody.
They win when I bomb something..
They win, when I join some gang or some cult.

They win, when I lose my ability to love.
They win, when I believe negative things that are not true.

Well they do not win.


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Mar 15, 2019
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And here I thought this was going to be about how Trump took control of the election after his convention.

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