China Strikes Optimistic Tone With Biden Administration: "if both countries put in the effort, the kind angels can triumph over evil forces"


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Nov 25, 2007
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It is entirely possible that the world could get along constructively with China. That includes the U.S. Not naively, not without caution and close attention, but with an open mind and good intentions. The Chinese Communist Party is not to be trusted to do other than what is in its interests, but if it sees its interests are peace and prosperity in co-operation with the rest of us, they will do that. So far, its efforts have been to protect what it has and build on that. Unlike Russia, China hasn't expropriated or invaded countries. We don't have to like them, we just have to like peace enough to give it the maximum opportunity.
As for "evil", theological terms have little place in the real world's political scene. Save it for church!
No, evil is real. It's not some term to be relegated to another realm in order to assuage ones feelings or emotions.


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Aug 4, 2015
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An odd comment to be made by Chinese officials, considering how they view religion.

Sane people all hope that the Biden/Harris administration becomes the greatest in American history. Maybe he will surround himself with China Hawks. It would be very wise to do so.

China struck an optimistic tone toward President Joe Biden's new administration on Thursday, saying "kind angels can triumph over evil forces" and playing down early irritants as the result of an atmosphere poisoned by Donald Trump's term in office.

Bilateral relations worsened dramatically during Trump's tenure. Biden, who took office on Wednesday, is expected to maintain pressure on Beijing but with a more traditional and multilateral approach.

"In the past years, the Trump administration, especially (former Secretary of State Mike) Pompeo, has laid too many mines that need to be removed, burned too many bridges that need to be rebuilt, damaged too many roads that need to be repaired," foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said.

"I believe if both countries put in the effort, the kind angels can triumph over evil forces," she told a daily briefing on Thursday, using a phrase that was embraced by state media.

Taiwan's de facto ambassador to Washington attended Biden's inauguration with an official invitation, a first that indicated that the new president's administration would continue with Trump's increased support for the democratic island that Beijing claims as part of China.

Also on Wednesday, the new Biden administration criticized China's move to impose sanctions on former Trump administration officials including Pompeo — minutes after Biden was sworn in — as "unproductive and cynical."

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"If Joe Biden 'delivers' after taking over $1 Billion from us, it will be a very good 4 years."


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Mar 4, 2013
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Trump squandered the opportunity for a united front in investment in Jina, but Biden still aims for a policy in tandum with allies aimed at limiting China's options of playing one country off another, as Jina did to us first after abandong TPP, and then again as the link notes.

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