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  • seems if you are armed and really pissed you would be doing more than running your mouth on the internet
    Who sez I'm not?
    your time on the net? so what are you doing big man on the net?
    I have well proven that I am willing to walk the walk. How 'bout you?
    OOO looks like ScienceRocks is having a temper tantrum! Needs to acquire a little maturity if he wants to play with the adults.
    The site is having problems. Musket simply means muzzle loading and man portable like an infantry mortar. The Ferguson was test fired at six rounds per minute vs. three rounds muzzle loading. I have suspicions about the flash guard because Moore's rifles were equipped with muzzle loaders during the peninsula campaign. Also breechloading caused flash guard problems as late as the Franco -Prussian 100 years.
    Hi! how are you?
    I am from Christchurch, New Zealand.. the place having lots of earthquakes!
    I was wondering if you mite be able to help my family out? We are entered in a competition, and the prize is $5,000 worth of DIY vouchers, which in Christchurch is like gold!

    Could you pretty please vote for us? it is through Facebook, and only take a couple of easy clicks!
    Ally in Mitre10: Playhouse Competition

    This is not spam, it is a genuine request from me and my family :)

    Thank you very much :)
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