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China says it will take necessary measures to safeguard Chinese firms' interests


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Aug 6, 2012
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Is the West leadership prepared to defend THEIR citizens and businesses interests? Or simply sell out their lives and livelihood to the Commies?

How will the West react when China becomes more blatant in their protections? Before Trump, America was a mouse. The sound of a squeal from politicians who were owned by their donors and did as they were told.

BEIJING (Reuters) - China said on Thursday that it would take all necessary measures to safeguard legitimate interests of Chinese companies after the United States blacklisted five Chinese firms over alleged human rights abuses in Xinjiang.

China strongly condemns the United State's sanctions against Chinese companies, Zhao Lijian, a foreign ministry spokesman, said at a regular news briefing.

The Biden administration ordered a ban on U.S. imports of a key solar panel material from Chinese-based Hoshine Silicon Industry Co over forced labour allegations, according to Reuters reporting.

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