Chess Being Played At The FBI about When to Charge Hillary.


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Mar 9, 2014
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Waiting on the Cowardly Dante!!
This could be a game changer as several scenarios can be played out!

Hector Morenco ‏@hectormorenco 2h2 hours ago

FBI sources, "Pro HRC faction within FBI trying to charge HRC this week so Obama can pardon. Pro Trump faction wants to wait till Nov 9th." Hector Morenco ‏@hectormorenco 3h3 hours ago

FBI won't charge HRC before election because Obama will use power to pardon her. "If we release Weiner file before Nov. 8th she'll walk."

Hector Morenco ‏@hectormorenco 2h2 hours ago

Wow! Sorry more crazy info. Just told that Obama moving forward with presidential pardon regardless of outcome. God help us all! Going dark. 0 replies 721 retweets 531 likes Hector Morenco ‏@hectormorenco 2h2 hours ago

Last tweet, FBI Trump faction wants to drag it out till Trump is in office. If HRC wins they will charge her after inauguration. Going dark. 0 replies 546 retweets 523 likes

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