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When that video turned up on Instagram, several responders called it fake, pointing out that some of the video, but not all of it, was taken from I_am_puma, which is the most prominent of several different unrelated instances of a puma being raised as a pet.

I know of, and follow, at least three or four different accounts, of different pumas being raised as pets in different families; I think they're all in Russia. For some reason, there's a proliferation, in Russia, of normally-wild feline shaving been domesticated and kept as pets. Several pumas, at least one or two cheetahs, various, at least a bobcat or two.

Oddly, most of then are New World cats, from the Americas; and not from places in Europe, Asia, or Africa, that would be closer to Russia.

The puma that I clearly recognize in this video, as well as one of his humans, is a New World cat, and is in Russia, so no, he wouldn't have been found having just strayed by himself from anywhere in his wild environment. His (the cat's) name, by the way, is Месси (or, in English, Messi).

He has a “sister”, who is a cheetah named Герда (Gerda).



The story behind the couple who adopted the cat that interrupted their wedding vows

Makes me want to have an outdoor wedding for this one reason. My luck I'd have birds poop on me instead.

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