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Carlos Danger Saves America


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Jun 23, 2013
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Tradition Americans have watched with smothered rage as Laws have been actively undermined by a President and his Secretary of State and his Attorney General...all who took an oath to uphold them.

But there is new hope tonight that the utterly incorrigible, the mendacious Clintons...The Clinton Crime Family...a phenomenon and a pestilence which hardly knows a comparison in the annals of human affairs....there is hope that it is being brought to bay....and defeated at last.

Whether it be Karma, or Blind Luck, or the Hand of God, or simple chance...this wonderful Deliverance has manifested itself in the form of Carlos Danger, as Huma Abidin's husband is known...when he being bad.

The Lord, I think, had Huma Abidin be Hilary Clinton's "Body Man" and had her be married to a pervert who's real name is Weiner...and this is where I truly see the hand of God...Weiner likes to send pictures of his weiner to young girls, which brings him to the attention of the non-political wing and uncorrupted wing of the F.B.I--who happen to read, between pictures of Weiner's weiner......some incriminating shit between Hillary and Huma....which is going to keep the craven bitch from being President.

Carlos Danger saves America.

The Lord works in mysterious ways.

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