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Apr 3, 2009
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I usually enjoy listening to the enlightened opinions expressed during C-Span's three-hour long live call-in program in the morning, but it seems more and more idiots have discovered they can blather on about subjects they know zip about. Yeah yeah yeah, free speech and all, but I just wish they would tune in to LEARN SOMETHING instead of making fools of themselves until they do.

This morning, the topic question was whether Obama risks reelection because he has tried to do too much, based on an article in USA Today:

Voters' anxiety clouds Obama's historic successes - USATODAY.com

The moronic statements came from both the right and the left from people who could barely mumble in English and who obviously are so clueless they need to go back to grammar school (and learn some). Poor Paul Orgel, the moderator this morning, whose face remained stone-like as he had to endure the dominant callers representing Idiot Nation. I would have to be drugged to do that job and have to listen to such crap coming from peoples' mouths.

There, that's my rant for the day (so far).

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