Buy Goya products and fight this B*** ****!!!

Persistence Of Memory

Persistence Of Memory

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Oct 1, 2019
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You morons are defeating yourselves.

You Commies are going to get cancelled.
I wonder if boycotts like this would actually ever pan out, considering most companies cave at the mention of a boycott.
I don't know, but Goya just became my favorite brand for whatever they make.
they make good canned beans, well as good as canned beans can be.
Their black beans are excellent, better than Bush’s Best (also good) or the dreadful S&W. If you can find Ortega they’re very good. But Latinos may switch to La Preferida or Cento or Rosarita, all popular.
They won't. most boycotts are only good as threats, push comes to shove the majority of people, including Hispanics, aren't political animals.
No, but they’re tired of being shit on by Republicans, calling them animals and rapists.
He called criminals animals and rapists.

And some of them were rapists.

Lying as usual.
Yes, you are lying as usual. He called Mexicans rapists, not criminals.

Can you quote that?
Because if you can''re a liar.

Watch this, liar:

"Tim Kaine falsely says Trump said 'all Mexicans are"
"The thing that amazes me is the depth of his trash talking with Latinos, saying all Mexicans are rapists and going after Latino immigrants," Kaine said.

No doubt, Trump has made controversial statements about the groups Kaine cited. But did Trump go as far as saying "all Mexicans are rapists?"

We asked the Clinton-Kaine campaign for evidence. It cited 16 instances since June 2015 when Trump said that some of the unauthorized immigrants crossing the Mexican border into the U.S. are hardened criminals and rapists.

...Trump, in none of the quotes, made the charge that "all Mexicans are rapists," as Kaine said. There’s nothing that even approached such a contention.

So we rate Kaine’s statement False."

Proving you a lying low-life has become a cottage industry around here.
Funny how you didn’t actually post Trump’s full quote instead of this tripe.

At least you are beginning to recognize when you’re outmatched. Baby steps.

There isn't a single poster who doesn't see you as the lying scum you are.
Keep running away from debating me. It’s such a good look for you and reinforces your reputation as a vacant re-poster of other people’s thoughts.
Excuse me. Hate to interrupt a good fight.

You haven't been right about a GD thing since I been here. When the hell is it goanna happen?


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Oct 9, 2015
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BFE Texas.
You morons are defeating yourselves.

You Commies are going to get cancelled.

Yup. We used to just get dry beans from them. Now we are seeing how many of our dry goods we can replace other brands with. Not a business, just our house. Still, we will use as much of their stuff as we can.

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