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But, gun control doesn’t work in Europe…just ask the French.


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Jul 19, 2014
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We are told that Europe has gun control and that keeps crime under control……the criminals in France, however, like fully automatic rifles when they shoot each other or commit crimes.

Now, perhaps an anti-gun fanatic can explain this………did the French forget to include criminals in their gun control laws?

Is there an exception for fully automatic rifles and machine pistols…..when they are used to commit crimes?

The criminals in France have guns…..they just choose not to commit murder with them as often as criminals in the U.S. choose to shoot each other….

Notice that you don’t hear about these stories in the U.S…….

In 2021, savage inter-gang conflicts resulted in 30 murders or attempted murders recorded between June 15 and September 15 alone. Killings in the southern port city are often linked to the drug trade. Charred bodies have been discovered in car boots and children as young as 14 have been among the victims.

Powerful automatic weapons are also prevalent. In August, the city’s prosecutor said the killings were of “extreme cruelty and a complete lack of humanity” and warned that the victims were only getting younger.

In September, Mr Macron visited Marseille for three days — his longest domestic trip outside Paris during his tenure so far — to unveil a multi-billion-euro plan to help slash crime, drug trafficking and poverty. The plan would include hundreds of new police officers.

I've suffered so much, I can't put it into words. I want to leave,” one woman told Mr Macron as he met residents of the Bassens estate.

This is a fun story………robbbers armed with “assault weapons,” robbed a Chanel store………across from the Ministry of Justice……….l

Armed robbers brazenly carrying assault rifles robbed a Chanel store opposite France's Ministry of Justice.

The four criminals were filmed as they calmly left the upmarket Paris store yesterday morning after filling up their bags with designer goods.

One astonished witness, who filmed the drama and posted it online, could be heard saying: 'That's a hold-up.


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