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Bush/Cheney was a success


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Feb 27, 2011
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we had 5% UE avg
gave the tax payer 100s of illlions in additional wealth
there was 6 million jobs created
the deficit the GOP added while he was preident was less than 2 trillion dollars with 2
2 wars
2 recessions
2 ,ajor stock market crashes (not there fault)
6 major hurricanes including katrina
patroit act
having to add home land security

ended Saddams reign of terror (the troops did)
ended the terror coming out of afgahn
brought democracy to the middle east *trrops again)
gas less than 2.00 a gallon in 09

His medicare reform could have been funded better as well as no child left behind

saved the country from the big one with tarp, which we got back (his part)

what is wrong with that?

GWB was handed a recession, 9-11 and enron in his first 11 months

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