Zone1 Black culture holds back black people.

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MGT started this. But in usual racist fashion, the white person gets to start shit and the racist makes dumb ass comments about the black person. Jasmine Crocket has a Juris Doctorate and DEI didn't take the bar exam for her, nor did it start her law firm.


MGT has nothing even close to these credentials. She represents what happens when you let white trailer park trash get a position they are not qualified to hold.
“When asked by CNN’s Abby Phillip Friday night why she believes Greene’s comments were racist, Crockett said the Georgia Republican “was just basically repeating the nonsense that MAGA world is constantly putting out there.”

“I’ve received so many amazing compliments from MAGA America throughout my time in Congress,” Crockett said, sarcastically, on “NewsNight.” “A lot of times when I would go viral, instead of them trying to address the things that I laid out in a very factual way, what they would try to do is say, ‘Oh, look at her hair,’ or ‘Look at her nails,’ or ‘Look at her lashes,’ and they would all then associate anything I do as a form of beautification with being quote-unquote ‘ghetto.’”

“I am not the only woman in Congress that wears lashes, and there are women on her side of the aisle that wear lashes as well, as well as hair extensions. But she’s never felt like that was a dig that she needed to take at anyone except for me, a Black woman who sits on the committee,” she added.

Asked for comment by CNN earlier Friday, Greene’s office said, “the only member that brought up any reference to color was congresswoman Crockett.” On social media Friday, Greene doubled down on her comments and slammed criticism from within her party about her behavior.

“AOC isn’t intelligent. Jasmine Crockett has fake eyelashes. These aren’t attacks on personalities. These are just facts,” she wrote on X.” Rep.,quickly devolved into personal attacks.

She’s a dimwit who played the race card for a comment about her fake-ass eyelashes.
FACT: Anyone, regardless of skin color, who shoots a mother and her 6 year old, 100% deserves a punch to the face. These liberals will support “punch a Nazi” but defend a child murderer…..

When the police stop crimes it’s rayssis. When the police don’t stop crime it’s rayssis.

Another cowardly black victimizing a white person. It’s always either in packs or someone smaller, old or weaker.

Not open for further replies.

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