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Biden's societal suicide pact


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Feb 16, 2016
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Biden's societal suicide pact

2 Nov 2021 ~~ By John Conlin
For the past 245 years, a significant portion of the wealth created in the entire world is in some way related to the United States. People across the globe fight to come to the USA — we must be doing something right.

Yet the Biden administration speaks of a desire to fundamentally transform the country. Why would anyone want to fundamentally change a system that has created the freest, wealthiest, most prosperous, and most tolerant people the world has ever seen? To replace it with a system of large, intrusive federal government; limited individual freedom; and high taxes? A system that has never worked in all history — generally ending in poverty, hunger, violence, and death on a massive scale?
Ask yourself, if a country could tax itself to prosperity, would there ever be any poor countries? If printing money were the same as creating wealth, would there ever again be a poor person?
Driving some of this is the transformation from the government's agents being the people's representatives to being our leaders — in effect, our bosses. This is bordering on true insanity and shows a frightening desire for collective suicide. Here's a message to those who desire this profound transformation: many of us have no desire to participate in this societal suicide pact.
There are fundamental reasons for our success. It is not because of our incredible natural resources — those are relatively common around the globe. It is not a special trait of the people — clearly, it is not "in the blood," as people from across the globe come to America and experience tremendous success.
What it is is a far superior system, starting with the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. These helped constrain government and unleashed the wisdom of millions of free people.
If we continue down our present path and implement the Biden administration's dreams, we will most assuredly screw this up, and fixing it will prove to be far more difficult than breaking it ever was.

his is a great learning tool for those who bother to read it and a wake up to those who knew this. It’s very well laid out.
The dystopian idea of Marxist Socialism has proven to be a failure time and time again. “Why would anyone want to fundamentally change a system that has created the freest, wealthiest, most prosperous, and most tolerant people the world has ever seen?”. The answer is Envy, Power and Control.
It's no secret that Progressive Marxist/DSA Democrat Leftists are filled with hate and envy at not being able to flourish under such conditions while others have. Destroying the system will not improve their lot but it will make others miserable and that is all the P/DSA Democrat Communists care about.
Lest we forget. It was Barack Hussein Obama who in 2009 called for the "Fundamental Transformation of America".
Since then illegal drugs, crime, violence, hatred and racial unrest created by the PM/DSA Democrat Commies have run rampant throughout this nation.


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