Bidenflation: Imported Consumer Goods Prices See Biggest Surge Ever


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Jun 20, 2012
The disaster that is Biden is the gift of pain and suffering that just keeps on giving.

With inflation continuing to rise, the financial markets are deciding that Fed rate reductions are not going to happen.

Now, the markets are concerned about Fed rate hikes.

Bidenflation: Imported Consumer Goods Prices Prices See Biggest Surge Ever

Overall import prices jumped 0.8 percent in January compared with the previous month, the largest increase since March 2022. Economists had expected import prices to fall by 0.1 percent.

The prices of finished consumer goods rose 1.1 percent, the biggest single-month jump since the Bureau of Labor Statistics started publishing single-month price changes in 1989.

Prices of medicinal, dental, and pharmaceutical materials climbed 4.1 percent. Imported auto prices increased 0.8 percent, the largest monthly increase since May 2011.
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