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Biden Picks "Mr. Monsanto" Tom Vilsack the Head the USDA


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May 3, 2011
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He didn't have to. It can migrate for miles.

Roundup doesn't contaminate your farm forever. Not even close.

Thanks for the links.
None of them said Monsanto sued a farmer because a neighbor sprayed chemicals.

So, we have covered engineering, killing, contaminating, pollinating, crossbreeding, suing farmers for patent infringement, and on and on. I have proved my case several times over.

You haven't proved it even once.
Try again?

Monsanto has a neat trick. They spray close to a neighbor's farm, and the mist wafts over to the neighbor's crops. Then they sue the neighbor for using Monsanto to engineer the plants on the farmer's property. Then they end up with the neighbor's farm. Welcome to socialism. You'll eat what they give us, if they give us...

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Sep 27, 2012
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Wait a second - you mean Biden didn’t pick his son-in-law or his ex-caddie or the son of his lawyer to run this agency?

**Diversion Alert**
What diversion? You Trumpanzees were fine with whatever clown Trump wanted in whatever position.
Anything on topic, Troll?
Yes. I already said it.

If any of you expect to be taken seriously with this shit you’re going to be disappointed. You had no issues with any Trump appointee no matter how unqualified or how many conflicts of interest. Now you can all fuck off.
So, i assume you will have HIGH standards for everything Biden does, correct? :lmao:
You can assume that I will laugh at any criticism you have.
So you basically admit to doing what you are blasting trump supporters for? :lol:

Tom Paine 1949

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Mar 15, 2020
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I have always suspected and feared Monsanto corporation. Monopolistic, extending worldwide control over farm products, virtually uncontrolled.

I still don’t buy organic, however, because of the price. The apparent lack of a crisis — so far — in gene modified food has left me confused. I have no confidence in the Democrats / Biden administration on this or other issues (like foreign policy). I just don’t know enough about this issue to take a strong position, but I would much prefer to see regulators who have not always worked for major corporations and who do not have any financial interests in corporations their decisions influence.
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Nov 3, 2009
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No, it's the "nobody gives a shit" alert. Biden is choosing competent people to fill his cabinet positions. Career public servants.

He has loaded his staff with corporate swamp creatures.. the type leftists claimed to oppose until a minute ago.

Goldman Sachs, Big Pharm, Big Banks, now Monsanto. All of the people who get massively rich off of the backs of politicians. It's largely what got Trump elected in the first place.. the crony-filled swamp in politics.

Biden has brought it back. We're going back to the sweetheart deals, the increase in lobbying and bribery, and the millionaire politicians who supposedly serve us. Not that it's not present without these moves, but it is an explosion of establishment, crony-filled corruption.

Where did the Occupy movement go? They're busy supporting Biden for the greater good LOL. Talk about lacking ideals.

I agree. You can bet Biden will return all to the status quo before Trump.

I was watching a little news Saturday and there is some nut job talking about de programming Trump supporters. You believe that shit. Talk about bat shit crazy people. Hope they enjoy Biden. That list of his is a doozey and every tax paying American will find out first hand how he is going to hose us all.

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