Biden claims military unable to rescue his uncle during WW2 because of cannibals in New Guinea


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Oct 31, 2012




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Those damned cannibals will get you every time.
It's expected politicians will lie. They always have to some extent. But Biden? He constantly lies and a lot of them serve absolutely no purpose at all, they are dumb and pointless lies that have no bearing whatsoever on anything. He lies when there is nothing to be gained.

He is like a child trying to impress his friends by just making shit up out of the blue to get some attention.
Maybe the dingo ate his baby,,,,oops, I mean…uncle?

youtube seinfeld a dingo ate your baby
Wait for it...

BREAKING: Biden to impose sanctions on New Guinea over uncle's BBQ :auiqs.jpg:

"I the undersigned, being the President of the United States, do hereby declare by way of this official Executive Order that the following brands are prohibited from trade with the Island of New Guinea:

Sweet Baby Ray, KC Masterpiece, Stubb's, Kraft, Great Value, Dickey's, Bryant's, and Cattlman's.

Signed, Joe Biden"

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