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BBC Asks For Info On Troop Movements

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May 30, 2006
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After admitting it has a liberal bias, the BBC was asking listeners for information on troop movements.

BBC 'risked safety of troops'
By Brendan Carlin, Political Correspondent
Last Updated: 2:15am BST 21/06/2007

Frontline: Telegraph correspondents report from Iraq and Afghanistan
The BBC was accused last night of risking the safety of British forces in Iraq after trawling for information on troop movements in the war-torn country.

Politicians reacted in disbelief to the revelation that for over two hours yesterday, the BBC News website carried a request for people in Iraq to report on troop movements.

The request was removed from the website after it sparked furious protests that the corporation was endangering the lives of British servicemen and women.

But according to accounts last night, a story on a major operation by US and Iraqi troops against al-Qa'eda somewhere north of Baghdad contained an extraordinary request for information about the movement of troops.

Last night the BBC confirmed the wording of the request was: "Are you in Iraq? Have you seen any troop movements? If you have any information you would like to share with the BBC, you can do so using the form below."

The BBC confirmed last night that this form of words had appeared on the website from "late morning" until early afternoon.

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