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Azeri gas bubble


Oct 7, 2011
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Yankees are stirring another nonevent in Azerbaijan. Does anyone remember fuzz around mega-detrimental Baku-Jeihan oil pipeline? It works in quarter of its real capacity for they haven't so much oil for filling it. And that wonder of Shah Deniz gas field has fallen short either. Those American businesslads are yelling about Nabucco and its perspectives. But who ever has seen some REAL evidence that Azerbaijan has got declared amount of gas for filling Nabucco pipeline? Still we have just leaves without figs Aliev's scattering generously under US pressure. But this entire story smells musty with American greed. I'm afraid that Nabucco is one more shell company. And Washington is just trying hard to make amends for unvital project. Soon there will be a great scandal. And many would be fools for pains.

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