Appeals Court Rejects FCC Rules on Net Neutrality


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Sep 21, 2012
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For those of us who pay attention, the internet it under attack by government forces all around the world. They abhor the freedom of expression and open exchange of news and information. This is yet another attempt by the FCC to strangle that freedom. So, for those of us who depend upon the web, this is good news.

American Power by Donald Douglas

Though the FCC said it might appeal, the ruling for now means Internet-service providers are free to experiment with new types of pricing arrangements, such as charging content companies like Google Inc. or Netflix higher fees to deliver Internet traffic faster. Or, they could choose to degrade the quality of certain online content unless its creators were willing to pay up.
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Mar 29, 2011
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How is this good news? It allows providers to charge whatever they like. Including charging more to allow search display. That means that content that isn't willing to pay could get shut to the bowels of the internet. This would be good if government didn't already monopolies and cartelize the provider industry - killing competition.

This means people can expect to pay more for services like netflix, because of the amount of bandwidth streaming servies use. Any price increase to a content provider will be passed directly to consumers.

I would only agree with this if the govt. didn't already create the competition free zones in these industries. You can bet that content will get limited. This could even be used in syndicate wars to squash content provider competition.

In short, this is, like all government related things, going to be a disaster.

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