'Appeal to Heaven' flag


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Mar 25, 2017
This is the hawk thinking has done damage.



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Commonly called The Pine Tree flag, or if you’re a leftist, The Insurrectionist Flag, has flown outside of San Francisco City Hall since the 1960’s. Also flown over a building in SF’s Jackson Square. Both have recently been taken down…. quietly.

'Appeal to Heaven' Flag, Part of City Collection For Decades, Quietly Removed From SF's Civic Center Plaza

The Same Insurrectionist Flag That Flew Over Samuel Alito's Beach House Just Flew Over a Building In SF's Jackson Square
I give zero fucks about flags.
If Alito just said I have been flying the “Appeal to Heaven” flag for years and will continue to fly it, this controversy would have disappeared. Instead, the idiot blames his wife. The “blame the wife” excuse is the last bastion of the truly desperate, or more accurately, the truly pathetic.
Some of you comrades claim it's a Christian Nationalist flag. You commies just can't seem to make up your minds.
Who cares, OKTexas? People have the right to put up flags, including the Alitos (in my opinion), and they and institutions have the right to take them down. You MAGA Commie fascists don't get you don't have a special place in society or law. You all are just part of us.
It was a flag that united the Colonies during the Revolutionary war. How did it become an insurrectionist flag? Is there a faction of Americans that consider the American Revolutionary War to be an act of insurrection?

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