Anti-War...Peace Protests, etc..


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May 12, 2004
Enterprise, Alabama
The thought occurred to me a few minutes ago...

We've all seen "peace" protests in our streets - people lamenting and crying about how 'we' (The USA and GWB) needs to end the 'War in Iraq'. The Media goes down on just about every single person who has the 'courage' to stand up to the violence-loving President.

Why aren't people protesting in IRAQ? When was the last time a Liberal "Leader" (I contend liberals can NOT be or have 'leaders' per se...more just 'talking heads') stood on the floor of congress, or the steps of a building and called for MUSLIMS to end the war? How about an Terrorist 'Liuetennant' standing up and against HIS leadership to stop killing people? Banners and protests should FILL the streets of bagdhad calling for Terrorist to simply STOP KILLING PEOPLE.

It's this simple fact which liberals, due to their mental illness perhaps, cannot understand. There would BE no war in iraq if Islamic Assholes simply stopped KILLING people.
Well check this link out and see this persons view on this very topic.
If more muslims would stand up not in the US but world wide and speak out against the whole jihad crap. it would make a serious impression of the muslim religion and the possible seriousness of reducing this outright slaughter of life around the world. But even the liberals like ted kennedy or hillary sure as hell ain't supporting that grand idea. And if we got away from D.C. politics and go look at these so-called "special interest groups" They are equally as lame. So I say long live the war on Terrorism

You guys need to keep up with the talking points memos. Muslims are 'victims' of Western(white) oppression. Their culture is different than ours, they don't protest peacefully they murder. We cannot expect them to change, so we should be the ones changing in order to accommodate them.
Well they live over here and yet enjoy the benifits of a free nation. So if they are not willing or use this cultural bias to hide behind then I say why aren't our citzens making a stand against the muslim killing and terrorism. Every nation in the world is quick o protest the West. That is my point, although I do believe it is the scheme of things to come.

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