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Another Take From Someone 'On the Ground'


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Nov 22, 2003
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Not such good news, though not yet bad, just confusing. When there's more, I'll post it:


back for a visit
Posted By The Wolf

Operation_swarmer I'm back for a bit. Came in to check on things stateside, and will be posting (I hope) soon. I have to tell you, things are not as they seem there at all. I've made over 50 flights in/out of Iraq (various destinations) and met with hundreds of our military, as well as people from the various countries in the M.E.

I've received a real 'education' over the last 5 months in establishing business there, and what I've seen and experienced has been both highly rewarding, and extremely revolting. That we allow such practices to continue is disgusting; that US personnel will stoop to such low levels of conduct is disheartening.

We know what it takes to re-build Iraq. The Iraqis are ready to do it, for the most part. But some of the conduct by the Coalition has given them pause, as has Iraqi conduct to us. I don't know yet how much to reveal, or when, but when I do, the readership here will NOT like it, at all. There are stories of true heroes and great people, but I'm sorry to say many of these deeds are offset by the greed and stupidity of others. It is time for change.

I'm glad to be back for a respite, and will soon be 'back in action' trying to support our efforts over there. Please stay tuned.....

UPDATE: I should be clear- its not the conduct of the troops on the ground, but some of the leadership involved- government and non-government. Sorry to be so 'evasive' but I'm priming the pump. I said this would not be easy to swallow, but you have to be there to understand it easily. -W​


Posted by The Wolf on June 28, 2007

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