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Ann Romney again on Mitt's mental Stability! Yikes!

Aug 7, 2012
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This man's finger on the red button???:eek::-bd

Mitt Romney's mental stability

Ann Romney on The View today:

Describing why their sons call her the Mitt stabilizer. "I walk into a room and I'm happy then Mitt dumps everything on me and I have to calm him down and stabilize him."

Also, while on his Mormon proselytizing mission in France Mitt heard that Ann was dating others which "put him in the hospital."

She seemed proud of that fact. I wish someone had followed up on that statement by asking what exactly happened.
So who will be running the WH and keeping Mitt from going ballistic over everything? If he is that way at home being wealthy and having everything at his command to help solve problems, etc., what will he be like at the WH with major decisions to make? Very frightening!

It doesn't sound like a man who can withstand the rigors of the presidency.

Isn't this funneeeee?????? She was trying to be whimsical about all this and make a joke only the Romney's seem to undertand! Yikes!
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