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Nov 17, 2012
Angela Merkel's reputation used to be mainly that she was the glue that held the EU closer together. But has she just destroyed her place in history? Here are the numbers and numbers are not known to lie too much.

Germany is roughly 80 million people. A 25 % of this is the 18 to 25 age group, 20 million. This also represents the most volatile part of the German job market. Or any country's job market. Now Angela Merkel has suddenly added 1 million to this 20, a 5 % jump. Germany and Europe has not seen a 5 % jump in the job market ever since ww2. So this is an instantaneous public security collapse.

Does Germany have a law enforcement budget to handle the jump of petty subsistence crime and petty rape crime? If in the past, Germany had 5 % of the 20 million in crime, then this must double now, simply by law of statistics.

And if you are a woman, 50 % of the 20 million, then you will not avoid meeting the suddenly received extra 1 million men, even if they are all eunuchs. Another sudden cultural shift.

How do the protectors of open mind explain this to the 20 million young German? Or, is Merkel in reality working for not her constituents but for the ultra Nationalists, secretly?

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