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  1. Litwin

    Poor and desperate Putin´s slaves ask Merkel to fix their road

    Poor and desperate Putin´s slaves ask Frau Merkel to fix their road , should some parts of Muscovite empire become the G. colony ?
  2. Litwin

    It's Time For Trump To Call Ukraine's 'Pro-Russian Rebels' What They Are: "Russian" Invaders

    great article, today its clear for everyone - Putin will not use Western window of opportunity and to make his "sweet escape" from Ukraine without humiliation . what´s new ? when the western medias and governments grow some balls and begin to call so called 'Pro-"Russian" Rebels' for What...
  3. MindWars

    Open letter to Angela Merkel

    An Open Letter to Angela Merkel Once upon a time, I used to admire you. You were a conservative. You seemed to get along well with President Bush and you appeared to be a responsible fiscal leader in charge of the biggest economic powerhouse on the European continent...
  4. anotherlife

    Angela Merkel's Legacy?

    Angela Merkel's reputation used to be mainly that she was the glue that held the EU closer together. But has she just destroyed her place in history? Here are the numbers and numbers are not known to lie too much. Germany is roughly 80 million people. A 25 % of this is the 18 to 25 age...

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