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America's Poorest White Town


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Jun 9, 2011
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Hillbilly Hollywood, Tenn
The marriage penalty is only one topic out of several.

So let me ask you this. When the government created the social security safety net and excluded from participation those working in the domestic and agricultural industries, do you think this was intentional or something else and if something else, what?

It was wrong and if you look deeply into it -- it was a political compromise to protect the agriculture industry from paying into FICA taxes. Because of the mega farms that relied on transient pickers and workers.

THey should have covered all PRIVATE farmers and domestic workers -- but then those folks would have to pay into the system. A lot really couldn't afford to do so if they were share-cropping in the 1st place. STILL -- they could have OPTION of enrolling.

Govt is brain-dead. Always was -- Always will be. Not every govt worker. But certainly WAAAY too many and maybe the majority of those that "decide and design" things.

I'm pretty sure YOU dont worship govt as any kind of equalizer or judge of fairness. But I'm surprised at how many minority voters there are that just CRAVE bigger and more muscular govt after the RECORDED history of constant insults, abuses and screwings.


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Oct 12, 2021
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When a black person tells a white person that they don’t believe they have ever suffered or know what suffering is, that’s denying anything negative ever happens to whites. When they blame racism for blacks being poor, how is it that whites can be poor?
Or, as I’ve asked a zillion times, if racism is to blame for blacks still stuck in poverty, why are MOST blacks NOT in poverty?

The blacks on this forum blaming everything on racism, and calling any white person who doesn’t go along with that falsity “evil,” “bitch,” and of course “racist,” refuse to even acknowledge the question, but the answer is obvious: the majority of blacks have made the right choices.


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Sep 15, 2020
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One of the most prolific racists on U.S. Message Board was from Kentucky if I recall correctly (or it could have been Tennessee). In any case he was from Stormfront and I guess whenever he got banned from U.S. Messageboard he'd go back to Stormfront and report on his findings or get in some more posting.

From the article:
He was from Louisiana…


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Dec 25, 2015
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How did this occur and why are all the racists on this site obsessing with so called "black culture" and the alleged failings of the black community when they have their own communities with the exact same failings that they're always wanting to attribute to only the black race.

You all had how many hundreds of years of a head start and you still haven't pulled yourself up by your bootstraps and accomplished great things for the human race, yet you constantly bitch and moan about any progress black people make, to the point that your go-to strategy is to burn everything down that surpasses your accomplishment.

While I have compassion for these people, far too many of you appear to not even know that there is any such thing as poor white people living in such dire conditions and relying wholely or mostly off of government assistance. Or that there are areas where all of the criminals are white (an extremely rare occurence according to Tipsycatlover).
Just imagine how much more poor it would be with if a bunch of mush mouthed criminal blacks lived there too!

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