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AmericaÂ’s Foreign Legion


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Sep 21, 2012
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Sin City
by Iassen Donov · October 28, 2012


Rangers on the assault

It’s not often I come across something so profound that it makes me take a step back and just say: “Whoa! That was deep…” To me it came in the form of a Facebook post by Dalton Fury, author of Kill bin Laden, Black Site, and the newly released Tier One Wild (just made NYT Best Seller!).

Mr. Fury posted what he dubbed the “The DF Dozen – Leadership Secrets for Everyone“; a brief write-up of 12 leadership secrets he developed and utilized while serving in the Rangers and in Delta. Now this little write-up isn’t going to be a break down of Dalton Fury’s philosophies, if you want to read them I recommend liking him on Facebook or checking them out here: DF - Dozen Leadership Secrets. What I want to talk about is a specific reference in his post about the aftermath of the Battle of Mogadishu in 1993.

“…on a hot autumn day on a remote parade field at Ft. Benning, GA, Garrison told the 700 members of the 3rd Ranger Battalion that we were as close to America’s Foreign Legion as you could get. He went on to say that our job was to fight the dirty little wars that nobody else wanted, was capable of, or could stomach. He finished by telling us that if we couldn’t handle the potential consequences of the business, or if our families couldn’t, then we needed to find alternative employment. Nobody expected Garrison to shoulder the blame, but he did it anyway, and still to this day he is considered to be one of the finest leaders ever to command Delta Force.”

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