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America: Growth of a Nation


Sep 14, 2004
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Here's an interesting collection of American stats, compiled by a newspaper in Scotland:

America: The Growth of a Nation


A NEW citizen is born every seven seconds … one dies very 13 seconds and as of yesterday there were more than 300 million of them and rising.

300 million
Official size of the United States population at 12:46pm (British time) yesterday, according to the US Census Bureau.

7 seconds
Average time before a new American is born into the world. One dies every 13 seconds and there's a new immigrant every 31 seconds, making up a net increase of one person every 11 seconds.

One sixth
Proportion of Americans classed as obese, including 15.3 per cent of children aged six to 11 years: 30.8 per cent of under 19s are obese.

Life expectancy of women in the US. Men can expect to live to 75.

34.3 million
Number of people in America born outside the US, representing 12 per cent of the population, with about half of all immigrants coming from Latin America.

Average income in dollars (£23,500), according to the World Bank's latest figures. The country's gross domestic product was $12.36 trillion (£6.64 trillion) in 2005.

36.8 million
Number of Americans over 65 years of age, compared with 19.1 million in 1967, when the total population was 200 million.

Percentage of Americans who say they have no religion. Four out of five say they are Christian, with about half following Protestant beliefs; 1.5 per cent are Jewish. Some 46 per cent of American adults attend a religious service once a week, compared with about 14 per cent on this side of the Atlantic.

Height, in metres, of Mount McKinley in Alaska, America's highest point. Or 20,321ft, if you prefer it in imperial measurements.

Average age of the population; in 1967, it was 29.5.

Cost, in cents, to US mint of producing one penny coin.

Number of American traffic fatalities in 2006, equal to 1.5 per 100 million vehicle miles.

Weight, in kilogrammes, of the average American male (12 stone 13 lbs), who is 5ft 9in in height. The average American female is 5ft 4ins and 68.9 kg (10 stone, 13lbs).

Number of Native Americans who live in the US, according to 2003 census estimates.

Number of vehicles for every three Americans, with a total of 204 million cars, lorries and vans. Four out of ten cars on the planet are in the US.

215 million
Number of US people who spoke only English at home in 2003. The other major language is Spanish, which is spoken by about 31 million. There are more than two million Chinese speakers, nearly 1.5 million French speakers and just over a million for both German and Vietnamese.

Percentage of women over the age of 16 who have a job.

2.1 million
Number of farms in America, down from 3.2 million in 1967 and 6.5 million in 1915.

Percentage of property-owning Americans, up from 5.3 per cent in 1967.

Number of mosques in the US.

Percentage of Americans over the age of 25 with at least a high school diploma.

Length, in kilometres, of the American coastline - 12,380 miles.

Number of Americans living with HIV/AIDS in 2003.

Percentage of the population who live under the poverty line, according to 2004 statistics.

Percentage of the population that was unemployed in 2005.

20 million
Daily number of barrels of oil consumed by America in 2003.

Percentage of American adults who never take excercise for more than ten minutes - 59 per cent of those are completely inactive.

Number of times the total length of American roads would encircle the Earth.

140 million
Peak viewing figure for the American football Superbowl final. About 80 to 90 million viewers watch the whole thing.

Percentage of cheerleaders with a B-average or above in high school.

Percentage of Americans who believe their pets would risk their lives to save their owners.

Number of mobile phones in circulation in the US.

Percentage of children aged 8-17 who chose the internet when asked their favourite medium, above TV on 26 per cent and the phone (21 per cent). There are two million new internet users a month in the US.

Number of US internet users.

38.4 billion
Total, in dollars, of US yearly expenditure on petcare industry (£20.5 billion).

Number of branches of Christian Surfers, which connects surfers with the Evangelical church.

21 million
Number of Americans, seven per cent of the population, living with diabetes.

78 million
Number of so-called "babyboomers" born between 1946 and 1964. Two-thirds believe they have saved enough for retirement.

1 million
Take home pay PER HOUR, in dollars, (£530,000) of casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, America's third richest man.

441 billion
Total expenditure, in dollars, of the US military in 2006 (£235 billion).

20 million
Sum, in dollars, (£10.7 million) actress Julia Roberts can command for a film.

Percentage rise in product placement on primetime US TV last year.

Percentage of Americans who say they would be willing for reality-TV cameras to follow their every move.

18.7 million
Number of people living in the metropolitan area of America's biggest city, New York. Los Angeles with 12.92 million and Chicago with 9.43 million are the second and third biggest conurbations.

Average annual cost, in dollars, of owning a dog in US - cats cost $919.

Year when the American population is projected to hit 400 million.

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