A Teacher Breaks Down White Student Hitting A Student Over The Head With Chair [Video]


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Jul 11, 2015
A Teacher Breaks Down White Student Hitting Black Student Over The Head With Chair [Video]

The Bossip Staff asked, "Should both students be suspended, even if one is just defending herself?"

My opinion: Once the teacher intervened the victim had a duty to comply with his order to stop, permitting him to focus on isolating and calming down the initial aggressor.

Sure the girl who was attacked has a right to be peeved, though she does not have the right to escalate the situation and place the authority figure at further risk for being injured while attempting to take control of the situation.
This motherfucker is a tescher and really just asked "Where was the school cop!!??" And referenced the Columbia school cop video.


You idiots kept throwing the cops under the bus. Guess what? Cop isn't coming until it's all over and done.

Have fun 'Merica!!!
The Black girl was not "defending herself" at any time. She was retaliating, which in itself is a form of punishable aggression. Understandable, but not justifiable.

Under the Rule of Law, this attack (presumably unprovoked) is punishable, and there is also a civil remedy available to the victim if the circumstances are right. That's the end of it.

Under the Rule of the Jungle, the object is to retaliate with greater force than the original attack.

The teacher in the beginning and end of the video is defending the victim's rights under the Rule of the Jungle. He should know better.
Be interesting to know if something happened moments before between the two combatants. I say that because someone had fired up their video camera and trained it on the white girl before she picked up the chair. Doesn't make sense to me unless the filmer was expecting something, and if so, why?

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