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  1. toobfreak

    The Liberal Public Schools Create a Generation of Violent Rebels Then Blame It All On The Guns?

    Why are these mass shootings on the increase? Access to guns!!! No, they've always been there; it is the perverse systematic abuse of our children by the twisted commies that run our schools. Kids grow up so confused and with so much hate that eventually some of them just want to GET EVEN on...
  2. MindWars

    Schools all over America are closing on election due to fears of violence

    SCHOOLS ALL OVER AMERICA ARE CLOSING ON ELECTION DAY DUE TO FEARS OF VIOLENCE Will this be the most chaotic election day in modern American history? All across the nation, schools are being closed on election day due to safety fears. Traditionally, schools have been very popular as voting...
  3. wrathbone

    Russia Bombs Hospital and School from Caspian Sea

    Obama made very bad calculations thinking that by not getting more involved in the Syrian civil war, issues would work themselves out. Sadly, it did not. During that huge sucking noise, the exit vacuum, Russia swooped in advancing toward Syrian rebels devastating thousands of civilians caught...
  4. Compost

    Kindness Workshop

    Surely, this is over the top sharing. Teens asked if they are gay or poor during 'kindness workshop' Parents have reacted with outrage after middle school students were asked whether they were gay, poor, or an immigrant as part of an anti-bullying workshop. Eighth grade students at West...
  5. AveryJarhman

    A Teacher Breaks Down White Student Hitting A Student Over The Head With Chair [Video]

    A Teacher Breaks Down White Student Hitting Black Student Over The Head With Chair [Video] The Bossip Staff asked, "Should both students be suspended, even if one is just defending herself?" My opinion: Once the teacher intervened the victim had a duty to comply with his order to stop...
  6. W

    School shootings map since 2013

    Mapping Each US School Shooting Since 2013... Map Shows Every US School Shooting Since 2013 October 13th, 2015 - There have been at least 150 school shootings in the United States since 2013, an average of nearly one per week, according to the group, Everytown for Gun Safety.

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