a good example of blow back... North Waziristan


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Sep 21, 2009
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On the run, Pakistan militants find new haven - Afghanistan- msnbc.com

Months after Pakistani troops chased them from South Waziristan, these militants have established a new base farther north under the protection of an insurgent leader who has cut past deals with the Pakistani army
The influx of these militants in North Waziristan in recent months adds to pressure on the army to launch an offensive there, and raises questions over its policy of making agreements with Gul Bahadur and other insurgent commanders who threaten U.S. forces in Afghanistan but do not attack targets in Pakistan.

Bahadur agreed not to help his fellow militants during last year's offensive in South Waziristan as part of an understanding reached with the army. In exchange, the army would not attack his territory to the north. Now it appears that this pact has backfired on the army, enabling militants whom Pakistan considers a threat to its security to regroup on Bahadur's lands.

a good read on what will be a tactial point as we wind down afgh. I think the usa will have to prod them (again) to get any action from pakistan on this one.

edit: if you are going to read the article make sure to see page 2 as well
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