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Jul 11, 2015
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Sadly I have few doubts this eight-year-old child is a victim of America's expanding and shameful *National Epidemic of Child Abuse and Neglect,* aka *Poverty*, that for decades has deprived untold numbers of emotionally abused and neglected young developing children from experiencing and enjoying a safe, fairly happy American kid childhood.

How much longer will America ignore OUR expanding sub-culture of immature American teen girls and young women of African descent who selfishly OPPRESS their/society's children by subjecting their children to *Child Abuse and Neglect,* aka *Poverty,* by building families with too many mouths to feed, clothe and supervise?

Mouths attached to children who mature into depressed, angry, frustrated, unpredictable, sometimes suicidal *(NY Times May 18, 2015 - Rise in Suicide by Black Children Surprises Researchers)* teens and adults resenting their apathetic, immature single-mothers and/or irresponsible dads for introducing them to a life of pain and struggle, yet wanting to blame everyone under our sun except their moms and/or dads for depriving them of the opportunity to experience a fairly happy American kid childhood with *Safe Streets* to play or travel on that Kendrick Lamar laments he, his three siblings, numerous cousins, classmates and many neighborhood friends never got to enjoy.

There is a reason Kendrick and Tupac rap or speak about depression and suicidal thoughts. That reason has everything to do with both of them being emotionally abused and maltreated by their Criminally Negligent PRIMARY maternal caretaker during a critical period of their human development.

There is a reason that for more than thirty years a substantial number of locally, nationally and internationally popular American music performers and recording artists of African descent have been demeaning and hating-on females in their music art performances by characterizing the *MATERNAL HALF* of our population as less than human ^itches and ^hores unworthy of respect.

How much longer will supposedly caring, concerned Americans tolerate the significant population of immature, irresponsible teen girls and women IGNORING the parental duty and obligation to their children, as well as their societal responsibility to their neighbors and community to place the well being of their child(ren) *ABOVE ALL ELSE!!!*

Doctors Ross and Dietz offer insights into how our Early Childhood Development plays a key role in determining the type of individual we mature into.

Robert K. Ross, MD, President and CEO of The California Endowment, addressed inmates at Ironwood State Prison offering a compelling overview of the role that exposure to childhood trauma plays in the lives of *emotionally troubled* and chronically ill American teens and adults.

At 2:12:25 in this documentary about Mafia hitman and victim of Early Childhood Trauma/Abuse, Richard "The Iceman" Kuklinski, Dr. Park Dietz explains why young Richard most likely developed into a emotionally disturbed, paranoid, cruel, heartless teen and man who did not give a frig about anyone else, including his wife and kids.

*(NY Times May 18, 2015 - Rise in Suicide by Black Children Surprises Researchers)*

Black *(Children's)* Lives Matter; Take Pride In Parenting; *End Our National Epidemic of Child Abuse and Neglect*; End Community Violence, Police Fear & Educator's Frustrations

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