10 Young Indians Die of Heart Attacks Dancing within 24 Hours

Via India TV: “10 deaths in 24 hours while performing Garba! Can dancing trigger heart attack?”

Navratri celebrations took a tragic turn for families in Gujarat as 10 people including a 13-year-old died of a reported heart attack in 24 hours while playing Garba in the state. Among the victims, the 13-year-old child hailed from Dabhoi, Baroda, while the others ranged from teenagers to middle-aged adults. The unfortunate incidents included a 24-year-old Garba enthusiast from Ahmedabad who collapsed and passed away after losing consciousness. Moreover, a 17-year-old boy suffered a sudden cardiac arrest and succumbed while engaged in Garba in Kapadvanj, Kheda district.

Sharing details of the incident, Dr Aayush Patel, MD Medicine told ANI that, “A 17-year-old boy, Veer Shah, was playing Garba at the Garba ground in Kapadvanj when he complained of dizziness and became unresponsive. A team of volunteers at the scene immediately attended on him and performed a cardio-respiratory resuscitation. We monitored his vitals but found no pulse. There was no response and signs of respiration. He was given three cycles of Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). We shifted him to a hospital by ambulance. However, he was declared dead at the hospital.”

So, can dancing really cause a heart attack? Dancing is generally good for your health and doesn’t directly cause heart attacks in healthy individuals.

Below: Presentation by world famous pathologists at European Parliament blaming COVID vaccines for excess deaths.. Dr. Arne Burkhardt taught at the Universities of Hamburg, Berne and Tübingen. He published more than 150 scientific articles in international scientific journals, and has audited and certified institutes of pathology.

And…actually since the OECD 2022 data below only covers through September, it is eminently conservative to extrapolate to 400,000 excess deaths for all of 2022, during flu season months…read on….

Expose News: “USA has suffered shocking 350k Excess Deaths in 2022 so far; evidence suggests COVID Vaccination is to blame”

“Official figures published by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) confirm that the United States of America suffered nearly 350,000 excess deaths as of September 25th 2022.Compared to other countries, the data provided by the US Government is far from transparent and hidden deep within their publications. However, we have finally managed to stumble upon it thanks to an institution known as the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OEC).The OEC is an intergovernmental organisation with 38 member countries founded in 1961 to stimulate economic progress and world trade. And for some reason, the host a wealth of data on excess deaths throughout 2022. You can find that data for yourself here.The following charts have been created using the figures found in the OEC database. Figures that have been provided to the OEC by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC). And it shows excess deaths across the USA by week in 2022 up to week 38 (25th September).”

Excess deaths and vaccination rates fit like a glove in many countries…FROM: DailyClout


March 2021, Presentation of Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, Professor Emeritus of the University of Mainz, and winner of the Aronson Prize for achievements in microbiology and immunology. Introduction to disability and death by mRNA

June 22, 2021 , The Wall Street Journal “Are Covid Vaccines Riskier Than Advertised?”,

By Dr. Joseph A. Ladapo, MD, PhD, UCLA Geffen School of Medicine, and Professor Harvey A. Risch, MD, PhD, Yale School of Public Health,

“the large clustering of certain adverse events immediately after vaccination is concerning, and the silence around these potential signals of harm reflects the politics surrounding Covid-19 vaccines. Stigmatizing such concerns is bad for scientific integrity and could harm patients.Four serious adverse events follow this arc, according to data taken directly from Vaers: low platelets (thrombocytopenia); noninfectious myocarditis, or heart inflammation, especially for those under 30; deep-vein thrombosis; and death.August of 2021, US Army Flight Surgeon Lt. Col. Dr. Theresa Long, recommended that all vaccinated pilots under her care be grounded, due to serious and well-known effects on the heart muscle which could cause heart attacks in flight.

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Where are your stats for India? Oh, you don't have anything to back up your claim except data from countries that used different vaccines.

"According to a June 2022 study published in The Lancet, COVID-19 vaccination in India prevented an additional 4.2 million deaths from December 8, 2020, to December 8, 2021."

When the death toll reaches 4.2 million from the vaccine, give me a call!

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