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  1. deanrd

    Trump to John Kelly: Hey, John, what’s this all about? (visiting a Pearl Harbor memorial)

    Trump Doesn't Seem to Know What Happened at Pearl Harbor, According to New Book “Hey, John, what’s this all about? What’s this a tour of?” Trump asks his then-Chief of Staff John F. Kelly, as the men prepare to take a private tour of the USS Arizona Memorial, which commemorates the December...
  2. S

    Did the House of Representatives fail to do their duty?

    Did the House of Representatives fail to do their duty? If the U.S. House of Representative’s committee believed that any witness’s testimony or affidavit would help to better determine the truth, don’t they have a duty to seek it? If the White House refuses to cooperate, shouldn’t the House...
  3. S

    Is there a superior alternative to the Electoral College?

    Is there a superior alternative to the Electoral College? During the era of stagecoaches, (even within the original 13 colonies crowded at or near our East coast), an on-site, real-time, election to choose our nation's president was much less feasible, if not highly unfeasible. It's difficult...
  4. deanrd

    Are you ready for another Trump “TELL-ALL” book?

    Are you ready for another Trump “TELL ALL” book? The newest Trump tell all is team of vipers. And the author is making the rounds. It seems like there’s a tell-all book every month and another one’s going to be coming out soon. Have you noticed how consistent they are? It seems they all...
  5. S

    Just because you think everything and everyone's against you, doesn't mean you're paranoid?

    Just because you think everything and everyone's against you, doesn't mean you're paranoid? A substantial portion of Trump's base and possibly many other people in the USA have accepted the premise that the median is essentially untrustworthy; (i.e. they all lie). They have greater confidence...
  6. deanrd

    Wow! Jared and Ivanka made $82,000,000.00 over the last year while working at the White House.

    Gee, I wonder if their connection to Trump had anything to do with them pulling in such big bucks? Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump made at least $82 million in outside income last year while serving in the White House, filings show Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner Made $82 Million While Working...
  7. deanrd

    Didn't you guys burn down the White House?

    Trump to Trudeau: 'Didn't you guys burn down the White House?' Trump says the tariffs are a matter of national security, something Trudeau reportedly contested during the phone call, sources familiar with the discussion told CNN. "Didn't you guys burn down the White House?" Trump reportedly...
  8. P@triot

    Pocahontas does it again

    This woman is the gift that keeps on giving... :laugh:
  9. kareemono

    Donald Trump must apologies for comments

    The organisation representing African countries has demanded that US President Donald Trump apologise after he reportedly called nations on the continent "shitholes". The African Union mission in Washington DC expressed its "shock, dismay and outrage" and said the Trump administration...
  10. S

    Fade Up!! Trey Gowdy shuts down FBI plot to impeach Trump

  11. S

    Wow! Standing ovation for Tomi Lahren Amazing speech

  12. S

    Ann Coulter outstanding Reaction to the GOP TAX Reform

  13. S

    Donald Trump stylishly signs TAX BILL

  14. cnelsen

    White House Christmas decorations look really beautiful

  15. John.smith09

    Do You Support Trump/Pence 2020 ?

    COMMENT YOUR OPINON. CLICK HERE : President Trump 2020 TO LIKE TRUMP/PENCE 2020 IN FB ! President Trump 2020 Please do not put thread titles in all caps. John.smith09
  16. paperview

    ‘That White House is a real dump’: Trump openly trashes WH while visiting his golf course

    ‘That White House is a real dump’: Trump openly trashes official residence while visiting his golf course "Donald Trump explains away his frequent visits to his own golf courses by belittling the residence of every U.S. president since 1800, telling attendees at his Bedminster Golf Club that...
  17. TheProgressivePatriot

    The Last Days of the Pompous POTUS

    It is time for this thread!! The end is near! This will be the thread where we track his inevitable fall from grace-if in fact he ever has any grace. The Trump presidency is circling the drain . While I am by no means thrilled at the prospect of a President Pence, he, at least will not be a...
  18. P@triot

    Elizabeth Warren publicly acknowledges she is not fit for public office

    While delivering a commencement speech this past Friday, Warren made it very clear to the American people that she is not fit for public office. She's publicly acknowledging her inability to control herself and her emotions (much like Hitlery Clinton). Can you imagine someone like that sitting...
  19. P@triot

    Left-wing propaganda

    The more the left attempts to push their propaganda, the more they make themselves look really bad. They still haven't figured out that in this day and age of technology (internet, cell phone video and pictures, security cameras, etc.), you can't get away with lying for very long. NYT shows...
  20. M

    Breaking: Roger Stone claims Jared Kushner is leaking info to MSNBC

    LINK TO STORY: Roger Stone claims Kushner is leaking info about Bannon to MSNBC Roger Stone claimed Tuesday that Jared Kushner, senior adviser and son-in-law to President Trump, is leaking information to MSNBC in order to hurt White House chief strategist Steve Bannon. Citing unnamed...
  21. D

    DC-based Vblogger

    Hey people, I'm DCfred, a Vblogger from Washington, DC. I wanted to share my most recent video, Hunger Strike for Ethiopia at the White House. Philipos Melaku-Bello mans the White House Peace Vigil, the only one allowed 24/7 in front of the White House. He has been on a hunger strike to...
  22. MindWars

    W.H. claims China hacked election, calls Bolton Conspiracy Theorist

    W.H. Claims “China” Hacked Election, Calls Bolton “Conspiracy Theorist” White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest declared that a cyber attack by “China” was responsible for disrupting the U.S. presidential election, before slandering former ambassador John Bolton as an “irresponsible conspiracy...
  23. MindWars

    Obama white house already leaking detrimental statements on Trump

    Obama White House Already Leaking Detrimental Statements On Trump
  24. defcon4

    Hillary Clinton Gave Visa to Egyptian Terrorist to Visit State Dept, White House

    Mrs. Clinton gave visa to known Egyptian terrorist who was lobbying for the release of convicted terrorist the "Blind Sheikh" Omar Abdel Rahman. If terrorists get visas, how thorough vetting of "refugees" can we expect? "When Congress asked about Eldin's visit to the U.S., then-Homeland...
  25. P@triot

    Barack Obama - the most divisive politician in U.S. history

    He'll turn the White House rainbow to celebrate homosexuality but he refuses to turn the White House blue to honor all of the fallen officers. And this is after his anti-law enforcement rhetoric played a part in the hostilities. OBAMA IGNORES POLICE REQUEST - Won't Turn White House 'Blue' in...
  26. P@triot

    Obama to almost double the height of the fence around the White House

    Hilarious... the man who claims creating a fence around America won't help (because people will simply "climb over it") now wants to increase the height of the fence around the White House. Wait...won't people just "climb over it"? Then again - this is the same guy who says that guns need to...
  27. Jackson

    White House Meets with #BlackLivesMatter; Gives Them Tips on Organizing

    President Obama’s senior adviser Valerie Jarrett met with Black Lives Matter activists yesterday at the White House, the latest sign that the Obama administration is involved with the controversial protest group. Jarrett met with three organizers for Campaign Zero. DeRay Mckesson, Brittany...

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