1. Terri4Trump

    Meet Brian Kolfage: "We Build The Wall"

    ME: This man embodies the American spirit. He sees his country needs help, and he steps up and leaves the government in the dust: Brian Kolfage @BrianKolfage Twitter Triple Amputee, Veteran President/Founder of: We Build The Wall Inc "Eight days before Christmas I started this GoFundMe...
  2. deanrd

    Watch Fox News, an incredible and amazing study in state propaganda.

    Watch Fox News, an incredible and amazing study in state propaganda. Right now I’m watching Maria Bartiromo. In less than five minutes she went after Larreta Lynch, President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Comey, McCabe, Eric Holder, and a few whose names I don’t remember. Now...
  3. Marion Morrison

    Why Democrats could be in Serious Trouble!

    Not just Democrats, Republicans that don't vote to stop invaders as well! You see, it's part of their job as they took an oath to uphold the Constitution. What does the Constitution say about invaders? Article IV, Section IV Section 4 "The United States shall guarantee to every State in...
  4. deanrd

    Would you buy a car without having seen it first? Republicans would.

    Would you buy a car without having seen it first? Republicans would. Republicans haven’t seen the ground where the wall will be built. They don’t know if it’s made out of steel slats or cement or fairy dust or eggshells or barbed wire. All they know is “wall“. And they’re willing to...
  5. deanrd

    Americans suffering and all because of a promise he couldn't keep.

    And absolutely fabulous video about this situation we are in. Truly a fiery speech. Americans are suffering and all because of a promise he couldn't keep, that MEXICO would pay for the wall, a wall most Americans don't want. He calls the position mindless. Sen. Michael Bennet Calls on...
  6. deanrd

    Trump slandered the GOP Mayor of San Diego. Called him a "her".

    I was watching an interview with Mayor Faulconer of San Diego. He said the border to Mexico was shut down once for six hours and it cost the city 5 million dollars. Faulconer said San Diego is one of the safest big cities in America. He said they have barriers where needed, but a hundred...
  7. deanrd

    Terrorists slipped across the US border with explosives to blow up LA Airport

    They crossed the US border with explosives (CNN)Ahmed Ressam had a bomb in the spare tire well of his car when authorities arrested him. He planned to attack the Los Angeles airport. Walid Kabbani was walking along a train track in Vermont with explosives in his bag when police intercepted...
  8. Chuz Life

    Question for Dimz

    If (as you claim) the wall will do little to nothing to stop the flow of drugs and illegals from entering the country. . . How do you expect mere laws with no physical barriers at all to keep guns out of the hands of criminals on the streets? You have some splaining to do!
  9. deanrd

    Do Republicans even care about those being hurt? Look at what they are going through.

    They are opening food banks for FBI agents. How humiliating. food banks for the FBI There was a man who wanted to hit the White House with an anti tank gun. He was stopped and arrested by unpaid FBI. FBI: Man Wanted to Attack White House with Anti-tank Rocket IRS worker: 'It's a nightmare...
  10. deanrd

    Do Texas Landowners have the right to fight against the wall? Aren't most Republican?

    Texas landowners dig in to fight Trump's border wall The federal government has started surveying land along the border in Texas and announced plans to start construction next month. Rather than surrender their land, some property owners are digging in, vowing to reject buyout offers and...
  11. J

    CDZ Schumer offers 35 year-old trick_ open government and then we’ll talk border control

    . See: Dem Response: End Shutdown, Then Negotiate Border Security ”Schumer called for Trump to sign bipartisan legislation that would reopen the government and withhold funding for a border barrier so that the debate can be continued when the entire government is back to work and getting...
  12. deanrd

    Any dispute that Republicans had control of the ENTIRE government for the the last two years?

    Republicans had control of the entire government for the last two years. They passed tax cuts for the rich without even putting it up for debate. Democrats didn't even know what was being passed into law because the document wasn't available for review or public scrutiny. They even placed...
  13. deanrd

    please delete

  14. deanrd

    Is the "WALL" a new Confederate Monument towards Racism?

    We all know a wall is, well, a "wall". It didn't work for China. And they spent a thousand years building it. It can be easily defeated by a tunnel or a ladder. We know the money to build the wall would be better spent on border agents and surveillance equipment. It would not only be...
  15. deanrd

    Forget the politics: What are the pros and cons of building a wall? The facts only, please!

    No politics. Just defend why we need a wall. And Why is building a wall a mistake? Try to keep the facts. No politics. Is this possible?
  16. deanrd

    Church puts baby Jesus in cage as part of immigration-themed nativity scene

    Boston-area church puts baby Jesus in cage as part of immigration-themed nativity scene Last year, a display included in the nativity scene had 16 signs, each one inscribed with a different mass shooting that took place in America and listing how many people were killed at each. Look at...
  17. U

    Open and Honest Discussion About the Wall

    The problem with most people, especially the people that are pure followers, is not being able to see past the political rhetoric and even more so their own personal prejudices. Most people never bother to see past their own rhetoric and understand the end results of their actions, beliefs and...
  18. U

    LOLOLOL Who's Paying for the wall?

    LOLOLOL, Don't you just love all of these clueless trump racists who answered this POS Fake president rants of "Who's paying for this wall?" and all of his racist followers chants "Mexico" in unison. Remember that during his 2016 run? NOW just last week and this week this POS goes on another one...
  19. deanrd

    I can't believe what I'm seeing on Fox and Friends

    It's on right now. They are saying the Soviet Union is gone. NATO is obsolete. Then they are agreeing with Trump's call for every country to pay 4% of GDP. Let's arm everybody with as many weapons as we can. It's worked here. Ask Dylann Roof. Not once mentioning the invasions of Georgia...
  20. Cellblock2429

    Kalifornia builds a wall to keep the homeless out.

    ‘Homeless Wall’ In San Jose Crews Build Controversial 'Homeless Wall' In San Jose SAN JOSE (KPIX-5) — Caltrans is building a taller, stronger wall in San Jose to stop homeless individuals from returning to an encampment. Caltrans has repeatedly cleaned up the large encampment under I-280, but...
  21. Cellblock2429

    Obama lectures ‘we can’t hide behind a wall’ — from behind a wall!

    It’s easy to lecture the world about walls when you’re protected by one. That’s exactly what former President Barack Obama did today. Grabien reports: Sitting alongside German Chancellor Angela Merkel, former President Obama lectured the current administration about its immigration policy...
  22. cnelsen

    Ann Coulter's Daily Border Wall Update

    Ann Coulter‏Verified account @AnnCoulter 3h3 hours ago Today's BORDER WALL CONSTRUCTION UPDATE: Miles completed yesterday-- Zero; Miles completed since Inauguration--Zero. NEXT UPDATE TOMORROW.
  23. Cellblock2429


    What's he afraid of? Why is he a hater? Why doesn't he build a bridge instead?
  24. Cellblock2429


    resident Obama is taking a cue from Donald Trump ... he's building himself a wall. We got photos of construction at Obama's soon-to-be D.C. rental. You also see construction in the garage. As we reported, it will become an office with a bathroom. We broke the story ... the rental will be home...
  25. L

    California Mom Papini and Trump's backtracking: THE US headlines

    Introduction - Dec 1, 2016: California Mom Papini and Trump's backtracking: THE US headlines Backgound music: "Hillary Clinton's Popular Vote Lead Over Donald Trump Now Exceeds X.X Million". Dec 1, with X.X at 2.3 and Clinton still at almost 65 million votes or 1.7 from the scripted 66.6, with...
  26. woz75

    Massive Wall Cloud Forms Along U.S./Mexico Border During Trump Visit

    A sign from God or a warning haha! Massive Wall Cloud Forms Along U.S./Mexico Border During Trump Visit
  27. Never3ndr

    Perhaps the Best Thing about Trump's Campaign

    He (and his supporters) make for some great comedy. #JohnOliver

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