1. The Original Tree

    Biden's America: Young 27 year old woman with baby behind on rent and bills walks in front of a train.

    Don't let the lies coming from The Biden Administration fool you. He set us down this path towards a Green Scam Economy, and Regulation Hell. Banning the gasoline engine by 2035, trying to ban us from eating meat among other idiotic bleeding heart insanity schemes are destroying this country's...
  2. Bob Blaylock

    Ghislaine Maxwell Did Not Kill Herself.

    OK, so it's not a current event, yet. But when she turns up dead, and the official cause is suicide, feel free to quote me here. Ghislaine Maxwell did not kill herself.
  3. Alan Stallion

    What’s Behind the Dramatic Rise in Teen Suicide?

    Key findings: NCHS Data Brief ■ No. 352 ■ October 2019 Data from the National Vital Statistics System ● After stable trends from 2000 to 2007, suicide rates for persons aged 10–24 increased from 2007 (6.8 per 100,000 persons) to 2017 (10.6), while homicide rates declined from 2007 to 2014 and...
  4. EvilEyeFleegle

    Two jail guards charged in connection to Jeffrey Epstein's death, sources say

    No conspiracy..just stupidity: Two jail guards charged in connection to Jeffrey Epstein's death, sources say "Federal prosecutors have charged two guards at a prison in Manhattan in connection to the investigation into accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, a senior law enforcement official...
  5. Cellblock2429

    Well, well, well. Looks like Epstein was strangled after all.

    Now we learn what many have always suspected. It was a hit job, not suicide. Jeffrey Epstein's autopsy more consistent with homicidal strangulation than suicide, Dr. Michael Baden reveals Jeffrey Epstein's autopsy more consistent with homicidal strangulation than suicide, Dr. Michael Baden reveals
  6. deanrd

    Many believe it was farmers that put Trump over the top. Why all the suicides?

    As Wisconsin farmers struggle, new effort aims to prevent suicide Wisconsin, which had a record 915 suicides in 2017, may be seeing a surge in suicides and suicidal thoughts among farmers, who are facing some of the worst economic challenges in years, experts say. Exact numbers of suicides...
  7. RadicalRedneck

    Jeff found dead

    Epstein died from Suicide today! Jeffrey Epstein dies by suicide a month after arrest in child sex trafficking case
  8. AveryJarhman

    "MCSO: 11-year-old shoots, kills grandmother then self in Litchfield Park"

    #TheLargerIssue #Fatherlessness #ChildNeglectMaltreatment #MentalHealth #Solutions Neighbor Walter Venerable states, "they seemed like a happy family." "MCSO: 11-year-old shoots, kills grandmother then self in Litchfield Park" MCSO: 11-year-old shoots, kills grandmother then self in...
  9. AveryJarhman

    The Negromanosphere; Discussing Issues Affecting Black American & Foreign Born Men

    #TheLargerIssue #Fatherlessness #ChildNeglectMaltreatment #MentalHealth #Solutions Hello. Oshay Duke Jackson is an American citizen and college student currently studying medicine abroad. ODJ is also the creator and CEO of the, a website focused on highlighting, as well...
  10. NewsVine_Mariyam

    Horizon Airlines turboprop stolen at Sea-Tac Airport apparently crashes in Pierce County

    Horizon Airlines turboprop stolen at Sea-Tac Airport apparently crashes in Pierce County by KOMO Staff Friday, August 10th 2018 SEATAC AIRPORT, Wash. - Sea-Tac Airport was put on ground stop Friday night due to a security scare, according to Alaska Airlines. A source at JBLM said it involves...
  11. Pop23

    School Shootings and Veteran Suicide rates connected?

    After debating a retired Military individual about Gun Violence I came across some startling information. That was that, returning soldiers had a startling rate of Violent Criminal convictions. I studied this a bit and was shocked at the connection that SSRI Antidepressants had with not only...
  12. S

    Noble effort to stop sexual harassment turns into a suicide mission

  13. AsianTrumpSupporter

    The Cult of Communism: Jim Jones and the Jonestown mass murder-suicide

    James Warren Jones (May 13, 1931 – November 18, 1978) was an American cult leader and communist.[1][2] Jones was ordained as a Disciples of Christ pastor, and he achieved notoriety as the founder and leader of the radical leftist Peoples Temple, which was often described as having cult-like...
  14. American_Jihad


    If the cops shot this moron would there be a riot??? Maybe not, I don't think he's black... Driver Who Plowed into Pedestrians in Times Square Wanted Suicide-by-Cop A teen tourist was killed and her sister among the injured. 5.18.2017 News Trey Sanchez A driver plowed through...
  15. Auld Phart

    After being found Not Guilty

    He decides to execute himself. Aaron Hernandez commits suicide in prison cell
  16. ChrisL

    Aaron Hernandez dead!

    I didn't know whether to post this here or in the sports section, but it's a little more than your typical sports story, so I figured it was appropriate here. Apparently, Aaron Hernandez was found dead (suspected suicide) in his jail cell very early this morning. This is breaking news, and...
  17. P@triot

    Left-wing insanity reaches new levels

    This is the sort of absurdity that could only come from the left. In a state where suicide is legal, San Francisco is spending $211 million of the tax payer's money to prevent people from committing suicide. :eusa_doh: Now that is a very special kind of stupid that isn't found anywhere else in...
  18. W

    Police Suicide Rate

    The stress of being a police officer takes it's toll... Suicide Rate High Among Chicago Officers February 1, 2017 - The rate of suicide among officers with the Chicago Police Department is 60 percent higher than other departments across the U.S., a recently released Justice Department report...
  19. Anyssa Roy

    The scale of a country-wide spiritual disease is frightening me

    A friend of mine from Illinois has recently wrote me... Our mutual acquaintance committed suicide a couple of years ago that day. And the reason was her lesbianism. No, there was no public criticism, humiliation or misunderstanding in her family, and she didn't have to keep her habits in...
  20. American_Jihad

    Requiem for a VA Victim

    Hurry up 2017... Requiem for a VA Victim If a loyal veteran burns himself to the ground in a forest of government bureaucrats, will anybody hear him? April 6, 2016 Michelle Malkin What does a suffering military veteran have to do to force an unresponsive government to change its ways...
  21. AveryJarhman

    Charges Filed In Murder Of 9-Year-Old Tyshawn Lee

    Sadly, young Tyshawn Lee, his mom and dad, the people who murdered Tyshawn, are all needless victims of America's expanding and shameful *National Epidemic of Child Abuse and Neglect,* aka *Poverty*, that for decades has deprived untold numbers of emotionally abused and neglected young...
  22. AveryJarhman

    Former Rikers Inmate Who Received Settlement Is Fatally Shot in Brooklyn

    NY Times reports, "Mr. Hinton’s beating was one of several recent cases that shed light on a culture of brutality and abuse of inmates at Rikers Island, and the subsequent outcry helped spur city officials to adopt sweeping changes there." I spent nearly twelve years providing police services...

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