1. B

    A word from your president

    Statement from the President: "In light of reports of more demonstrations, I urge that there must be NO violence, NO lawbreaking and NO vandalism of any kind. That is not what I stand for, and it is not what America stands for. I call on ALL Americans to help ease tensions and calm tempers...
  2. B

    Can America exist with a biased media

    Can a republic exist if the media fails to report news and information in a fair and unbiased manner? To many times we are being told a story with an agenda. If you don’t have all the facts how can you make an informed decision? As a side note our government over classifies what to much...
  3. midcan5

    Evangelicals and Trump

    Trump has shown some amazing things about religion in America and particularly Evangelicals when it comes to political power. You would think Trump Christ-like. But I fail to remember Christ being in favor of caging children or breaking up families. Did I miss that? Two pieces below help, it...
  4. Jawell Martin

    Can anyone tell me about Politics....

    I'm willing to learn about politics basic theory. I'm going to study it. Can you explain what is the politics...
  5. chops_

    WARNING! The Following May Offend Those Are On The Left

    Source: Editorial Cartoon: Sept. 18, 2018
  6. Slyhunter

    #WalkAway Movement Gains Momentum as People Leave the Democrat Party in Droves

    Time to join the Libertarian or Freedom parties. Vacate the Socialist bastion of hate calling itself Democrats. #WalkAway Movement Gains Momentum as People Leave the Democrat Party in Droves
  7. Brian Blackwell

    How "human nature" affects our political views

    Human nature is often cited as justification for political views. All along the political spectrum, the belief that human nature is characterized by a tendency toward selfishness and immorality is prevalent. In fact, it’s often presented as the primary reason why government is necessary at all...
  8. L

    Navy Seal’ Vet Who Praised Trump on Fox News Made Up Service History

    Last month, Fox News interviewed a “war hero” and glass artist who showed off a massive presidential seal he had crafted for President Donald Trump — but it turns out the man fabricated his entire military record. John Garafalo — who told Fox News he was a decorated Vietnam War Navy SEAL — was...
  9. PCisoutofhand

    Is complaining about racism making it worse?

    In the military there is a problem with commonwealth members who worked as stewards, complaining that working for the officers depicted slavery as they were mainly black. These guys complained about it a lot, saying things like we get told to become stewards because of our race. This doesn’t go...
  10. guyfawkestruepirate

    CDZ Will online piracy ever be legal??

    Will online piracy ever be legalized what do you guys think??.
  11. C

    Hillary Was A Goldwater Girl

    Hillary Clinton used to be a Goldwater Girl and she said that she's proud to have been a Goldwater Girl. The Goldwater Girl organization opposed the 1964 Civil Rights Act. They actually opposed equal rights for black people. Hillary was part of an organization that was racist and she's actually...
  12. washamericom

    Tactical Alinsky... and "code language" in American Politics.

    watch this if you can, it's one of the best assessments/analysis of liberal argument tactics.. code words.... wow that really blankets what we can say and not appear racists to the liberals, who ironically used to be the biggest defenders of this type of bull shit. bill maher "Clarence...
  13. E

    Should Glass-Steagall be passed again?

    The repeal of glass-steagall may have caused the recession of 07-08 -- Should we separate commercial and investment banks?
  14. Slade3200

    Is the GOP racist for Obamablocking the SC nomination?

    Many key congressional republicans have vowed to not even consider a hearing or vote to nominate a new Supreme Court Justice if it is an Obama appointee. There have been accusations from the Left claiming that this is an example of the GOP's racist bigotry against the President. What do you...

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