1. Litwin

    Koba had the blood of millions on his hands, yet Stalin has escaped Hitler-style demonisation, and even become a trendy pin-up. Why has history been

    Great article, unfortunately even here is legal to whitewash stalinism and dictator koba , but soon it will be over Facebook bans Holocaust denial content - BBC News › news › technology-54509975 20 hours ago — Mark...
  2. B

    Similarities Between NAZI Party and 2020 Democrats is Uncanny!

    1) They are BOTH SOCIALISTS Is there a nobler or more excellent kind of Socialism and is there a truer form of Democracy than this National Socialism which is so organized that through it each one among the millions of German boys is given the possibility of finding his way to the highest...
  3. Litwin

    russian" war against EU/USA. A Czech politician in hiding amid allegations of a "Russian" assassination plot says he believes the threat against him i

    russian" war against EU/USA. I say BOMB Pugabe´s ulus with OIL - GAS sanctions!! afro - asia (3 world) respects only the power ! "A Czech politician in hiding amid allegations of a "Russian" assassination plot says he...
  4. Litwin

    Why Isn't Communism as Hated as Nazism? Commies killed, enslaved, MUCH MUCH more and last much lon

    Check book: Commies killed, enslaved, MUCH MUCH more and last much longer so WHY?
  5. Litwin

    Marxist Satanic Muscovite imperial vs Nazi Asiatic propaganda posters - amazing similarity!

    Marxist Satanic Muscovite imperial vs Nazi Asiatic propaganda posters - amazing similarity! the totalitarian allies have been stolen ideas from each other whole the time
  6. Litwin

    what do you think about political views of this group of people ?

    (Muscovite empire) what do you think about political views of this group of people ?
  7. Litwin

    S Kotkin : "koba - stalin killed more German communists than Hitler did "

    S Kotkin : "koba - stalin killed more German communists than Hitler did " , truly shocking news for all sralenists in the world ....comments ? 1.03.20
  8. Dana7360

    Muslim Sues neo nazis Wins 4.1 million

    This is great. The lies and slander of the far right radical extremist neo nazis have gotten out of control. Their lies and violence is not what America stands for and isn't making America great. I hope that more people start suing these far right radical extremists. Maybe the lies and slander...
  9. deanrd

    Steve Bannon's brand SPANKING new Nazi Academy In Italy Was Just Shut Down

    Italy is evicting Steve Bannon from the medieval monastery he planned to turn into a far-right training academy But earlier this month, Italian newspaper Repubblica reported that a letter used to guarantee the lease was forged. The letter had the signature of an employee of Danish bank Jyske...
  10. Litwin

    How putin destroyed the far right patriots in "Russian" empire

    the same thing juchi khan will do with European far rightists once putin takes over some European countries ( Austria, Hungary, France etc) , do European far rightists know it ? " The death of the Russian far right patriots How the Kremlin destroyed the far right in Russian empire ...
  11. deanrd

    Pete Buttigieg calls Pence 'at best complicit' with resurgence of white nationalism

    Buttigieg said the vice president has been “consistently horrible” and said Americans face a danger of the continued radicalization with “what seems at best to be a level of negligence, if not encouragement, coming from the highest office in the land.” Pete Buttigieg calls Pence 'at best...
  12. deanrd

    Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.) quoted Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf on House Floor

    Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.) quoted Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf on House Floor Congressman Quotes Anti-Semitic Hitler Passage In House To Attack Democrats Brooks added before reading a section from Mein Kampf, which he failed to mention was written by Hitler about Jews. “Quote: ‘In the big lie...
  13. Litwin

    USSR ("ruSSian") antisemitic propaganda posters 1917-1991

    USSR ("ruSSian") antisemitic propaganda posters
  14. Marion Morrison

    About H.W. "Bush"...

    Yeah, he was a mole/traitor from the jump. "Who was George Scherff? Who was George Scherff? Better yet, who was George H. Scherff, Sr.? There exists no legitimate record of a George H. Scherff being born in the U.S. from the late-1800s through 1925, yet, George Scherff was Nikola Tesla's...
  15. JGalt

    Who were these guys and what were they thinking?

    This is a scan from a photograph I had awhile back. I sold the photo a couple years ago but found the scan today. The photograph was taken in 1942 and shows four Nazi officers sitting at a banquet table, during some function. The reverse side of the photograph has their names written on it. The...
  16. deanrd

    My thread on Republican Congressman Steve King disappeared. No matter.

    Steve King: Members in Austria ‘would be Republicans’ if they were in US Steve King embracing Trump as he seeks re-election in crowded field Steve King is a VERY popular Republican. I'm sure him making the news is both interesting and exciting for many Republicans on the USMB. Steve King...
  17. TheMoreYouKnow

    There you have it: GOP congressman admits his party has same agenda as Nazis

    Rep. Steve King admitted European Nazis share an agenda with the Republican Party. Republican Rep. Steve King recently admitted the agenda of right-wing, white supremacist groups in Europe is the same as the Republican Party in America. King, a congressman in Iowa, was asked about his support...
  18. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Jonestown: Paradise Lost (Jim Jones/Jonestown cult documentary)

    Shorter summary/biography of Jim Jones: I wasn't alive when the Jonestown cult murder/suicide happened, so I didn't know the full story until I watched this documentary. The documentary has a lot of reenactments, but the actors/actresses in the documentary are quite good. The actor who plays...
  19. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Former Nazi George Soros' open borders group is behind the Jeff Flake elevator confrontation

    Open Society Foundations - Wikipedia The Deep State is real.
  20. deanrd

    I couldn't believe two conservatives saying liberals were right.

    So I'm watching this talk show and two conservatives were talking. One of the conservatives wrote a book called, "Everything Trump touches, dies". So they said, and I'm paraphrasing, that for decades, when liberals said the GOP was a racist party, they denied it. Liberals were wrong...
  21. Litwin

    You are American WW2 pilot, bad luck, Which concentration camp ´d you prefer? German or Stalin´s GUL

    You are American WW2 pilot (not Jewish) , bad luck, Which concentration camp ´d you prefer ? 1) a German one or 2) Stalin´s GULAG ps please explain your choice some info: Brutal!!! Drawings from the GULAG - A prisoner who went on hunger strike is being forcefully fed through his...
  22. Litwin

    England fan beaten and Frenchman left disabled after homophobic attack in "Russia"/ Gay pogroms ?

    How many Westerners will be kill by Muscovite Asiatic pogrom - hordes this time? Should we move this World Cup to an other more civilized country ? "French gay man and a friend suffered serious injuries on Saturday after being beaten by two men in St Petersburg."...
  23. Litwin

    "Russia" to have LGBT Pride House for 2018 FIFA World Cup

    How many gays will be brutally lynched by Mongol hordes this time , more or less than 10? "It has been reported that an LGBT Pride House will be set up in Saint-Petersburg for this summer's FIFA World Cup in Russia. Pride houses are dedicated temporary locations which host athletes...
  24. Litwin

    The Lokot Republic, liberated by Germany (from USSR occupation) peasant republic

    SO WHAT do you think about this story? "The Lokot Republic (Russian: Локотскoe самоуправление) was a semi-autonomous region in Nazi German-occupied Central Russia led by Bronislav Kaminski's administration from July 1942 to August 1943. The name is derived from the region's administrative...
  25. Litwin

    Guy gets arrested for waving the Soviet Flag during Trumps speech

    Should all soviet - commie symbols be banned in Free world? Decommunization in Ukraine - Wikipedia ps who was this guy? a Trump fan, provocateur, putlerist, commie?
  26. Litwin

    Lipetsk USSR´s city where Koba created Luftwaffe for Hitler

    Its clear that USSR and Germany started WW2 ...comments? " works were required at Lipetsk to prepare for the German fighter-pilot school, Lipetsk Air Base. It operated from 1926 to 1933.[2][4] In June 1925, the base was ready for flight operations but training of German pilots was only...
  27. Litwin

    The Protocols of the Elders of Zion the most famous (made in "Russian" empire) antisemitic fabricate

    The Protocols of the Elders of Zion the most famous (made in "Russian" empire) antisemitic fabricated text/Hitler´s N1 book . whats funny , even today many Juchi Mongols believe to this "book". such losers !! . Why all Muscovite empires have hated the Jews so much? cos they always all were...
  28. Litwin

    USSR - Germany (inducing Nazis) military cooperation in 1918-1941

    USSR - Germany (inducing Nazis) military cooperation in 1918-1941 Belarusians make a lot of great articles , thy leaving Muscovite influence zone for sure, of cos 99% Muscovites don't even want to read about it , so what ? LOL))) " German aces in the sky above Lipetsk. Why did the Red...
  29. Litwin

    "Russian" TV to gays: Sodomites, get out of Russia, we will even buy you tickets.

    thats why many useful idiots, UFO -freaks and extremists in love with Voka Putler (mr. Botox., Pynia) ... in which year does live Muscovy ? 19c.? "Russian" TV to gays: Sodomites, get out of "Russia", we will even buy you tickets.
  30. Litwin

    UN Says Russia Committing 'Grave Human Rights Violations' In Occupied Crimea

    The Hague is getting closer and closer to Voka Putin , when we will see him and his gang in Holland? " Agents of the Russian state have committed serious human rights abuses, including torture, since Russia occupied and seized control of Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula, a UN human rights report...

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