1. S

    The purpose of our federal minimum wage rate

    The federal minimum wage rate's purpose: The federal minimum wage rate (to the extent of the rate's purchasing power), net reduces incidents and extents of poverty. It prevents states having lesser regard for their wage-dependent families, from undermining the labor markets of other U.S...
  2. S

    Federal Minimum Wage.

    The Federal Minimum Wage. The U.S. Dollar (as all nations' currencies), is of variable value within time. That's why USA's Social Security retirement benefits are annually adjusted to a cost-price index). Congressional Democrats had previously submitted a proposal, (H.R. 582, 1st session of...
  3. Grumblenuts

    What Has This Latest Inflation Cost You Personally?

    Nixon froze wages and stopped an inflation dead. Dr. Richard Wolff discusses how things could have been done differently. Harriet Fraad reveals who has needlessly suffered most and why.
  4. pyetro

    Dow up 1,200 points, S&P 500 jumps 5% in biggest rally in two years after light inflation report

    tocks mounted their biggest rally since 2020 after October’s reading of consumer prices raised investor hopes that inflation has peaked. The Dow Jones Industrial Average jumped 1,201.43 points, or 3.7%, to 33,715.37 for its biggest one-day gain since stocks were emerging from the depths of the...
  5. Markle

    17.3 % is the rate of inflation IF we still used the methodology of 1980. Telling us it is 9.1 % is lying to you!

    17.3 % is the rate of inflation IF we still used the methodology of 1980. Telling us it is 9.1 % is lying to you! ShadowStats: “Corrected” CPI Inflation jumped to a new 75-Year high of 17.3% July 13, 2022...
  6. J

    Is the U.S. Dollar really losing its value and threatening a collapse?

    . SEE: The U.S. is facing a dollar collapse by the end of 2021 and an over 50% chance of a double-dip recession, economist Stephen Roach says Evita Ochel, an educator, researcher, and writer, wrote: “Until you realize how easy it is for your mind to be manipulated, you remain the puppet of...
  7. S

    Democratic congressional leadership failures.

    Democratic congressional leadership failures. The federal minimum wage rate, and all of sponsored Democrat congressional members proposals to modify that rate, are expressed as in terms of U.S. Dollars. The U.S dollar is not of a constant value; thus a minimum wage rate' value determined by and...
  8. The Original Tree

    There will be NO END to Democrat Misery

    When you come by things dishonestly; when lying and cheating are your only virtues; when you persistently practice these so called virtues to the detriment of your own country & for your own selfish gain; one has to believe that what we are seeing in The Biden Regime's ineptness, incompetence...
  9. J

    Look what the Democrat Party Leadership has done to democrat voters.

    . The DPL (Democrat Party Leadership) has caused the price of gasoline to skyrocket to an average price of $3.76 per gallon, up about $1.25 per gallon since the Biden Administration took office. Because of the DPL’s policies which have caused the sharp rise in gas prices, the cost of almost...
  10. Cellblock2429

    G20 agrees to raise corporate taxes 15% that will fuel inflation.

    Too bad we no longer have a president in office who fights to protect Americans from getting hosed like this. But hey, no more mean tweets.
  11. S

    How inflationary is the federal minimum wage rate?

    How inflationary is the federal minimum wage rate? Although labor contributes a substantial portion, labor is only a portion of aggregate products' costs; (this is true even among service products). The federal minimum wage rate effects Low-wage labor and has extremely little proportional...
  12. anotherlife

    What will be the effect of brexit on the pound inflation?

    Inflation? Inflation can be good or bad, depending where you sit. What are the factors that brexit moves, with respect to inflation of the GBP? Will the GBP inflation be above or below the past trend, after brexit?

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