1. Sayaras

    Cows for McDonald's...

    Hi “Queers 🏳️‍🌈 for Palestine 🇵🇸” 👋 You there? _ pic.twitter.com/u1arBnVOPR — Dr. Eli David (@DrEliDavid) February 8, 2024
  2. Sayaras

    Islamic Republic mullah porn methods

    So much for the "religious" republic. - Iran-based women send IDF soldiers explicit photos in attempted honey trap. Jerusalem Post Staff December 17, 2023: Iran used a group of Hebrew-speaking women in the northern city of Mashad to send sexually explicit images to Israeli soldiers in attempts...
  3. Lord Long Rod

    Leftist Rep. Jayapal is Ok With a Little Bit of Rape Action by Hamas

    https://www.breitbart.com/middle-east/2023/12/03/pramila-jayapal-equivocates-on-hamas-rapes-we-have-to-be-balanced/ Amazing. The left is openly courting the devil without fear or shame.
  4. Sayaras

    Then they hypocritically cry "civilians" and "genocide[sic]"

    IDF uncovers more weapons hidden under children’s beds in Gaza. The army also discovered four deep tunnel shafts in Jabalia. The 401st Brigade found four tunnel shafts on the outskirts of Jabalia in the Gaza Strip, Nov. 23. 2023. [...] Weapons found under children’s beds in Jabalia, near...
  5. FDR_Reagan

    Muslims' 20-Year Genocide Against Christians in Nigeria… but "Free [racist] Palestine!!" Blah blah - hypocrisy

    Muslims Wage 20-Year Genocide Against Christians in Nigeria… https://www.breitbart.com/faith/2023/11/19/report-nigeria-most-dangerous-place-christian/ Hey, who cares? "Free [racist] Palestine!! Blah blah. https://www.hudson.org/human-rights/an-unrecognized-genocide-in-nigeria
  6. Esdraelon

    CDZ Progressives and Hypocrisy

    This is a single example of how those on the political Left say one thing while doing another. What say you?
  7. ChemEngineer

    The Delusions of Davos, Power Hungry Hypocrites

    Over 100 billionaires arrived by private jet, along with 17 year old Greta Thunberg, to increase their power over you ignorant little people. THE DELUSIONS OF DAVOS by Paul Schnee Opinion | All Aboard the Crazy Train In his 20th. January article in the Wall Street Journal, Walter Russell...
  8. AveryJarhman

    Videos: 'On location in search of Racism - Part 2' by Kevin's Corner

    #TheLargerIssue #SingleParenting #ChildNeglectMaltreatment #MentalHealth #Solutions Hello. YouTube creator known as Kevin's Corner began his YouTube journey on Mar 19, 2007 and since then has amassed more than 114,000 subscribers, gaining an impressive 10,418,038 views. In this first...
  9. JGalt

    Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is becoming a millionaire?

    Socialism must pay pretty well, I wonder what her cut was? Gee whiz, it was only a couple of months back that she didn't have enough to pay for an apartment, now she's becoming a fat-cat born-again capitalist. "Netflix has spent a record-breaking amount purchasing the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez...
  10. AveryJarhman

    "What Makes a Coon? | 2018", Published by That Guy T

    #TheLargerIssue #Fatherlessness #ChildNeglectMaltreatment #MentalHealth #Solutions "What Makes a Coon? | 2018", Published on Mar 22, 2018 by That Guy T Hello. Often we hear black or American citizens of African descent, as well as non-black citizens referring to fellow American citizens...
  11. The Original Tree

    Robert Mueller: The Desperate Wealthy DeFacto Head of The FBI

    After two years of trying to ruin the life of a highly decorated and honorable General Flynn, and after bankrupting him, finding nothing but the fact he did not file a form correctly; a so called process crime that Mueller and Comey let people like John Podesta avoid by filing the same forms...
  12. P@triot

    Bill de Blasio: the quintessential left-wing "leader"

    Bill de Blasio. The man who went to Nicaragua on his honeymoon so that he could help the communist Sandinistas defeat the Contras (illustrates how much respect he had for his wife - typical of that side of the aisle). And today he sits in the New York City Mayor's mansion while tens of thousands...
  13. TheProgressivePatriot

    Anti LGBTQ Politicians Who Are Closeted Gays

    I have long suspected that the most ardent and vocal anti LGBT people are themselves struggling with their own issues concerning sexuality and gender identity. They spew their hateful rhetoric as a smoke screen to convince others how "straight" they are, or perhaps to convince themselves...
  14. cnelsen

    NYT is all "free speech for arts" (unless you are a Confederate statue)

    After a production of Julius Caesar depicting Caesar as President Trump--complete with assassination--caused an uproar, the phonies at the New York Times has come down on the side of the theater. "We have sponsored Shakespeare in the Park for 20 years", sniffs the Times. "As an institution that...
  15. P@triot

    11 Times Barack Obama Compared Slaves To Immigrants

    Barack Obama called slaves "immigrants" almost a dozen times and Dumbocrats lapped it up like a kitten with a saucer of milk. Dr. Ben Carson does it one time and Dumbocrats feign outrage and lose their minds. 11 Times Barack Obama Compared Slaves To Immigrants
  16. P@triot

    Progressives refuse to help people they are protesting for....

    Hahahahaha!!!! Progressives caught on camera refusing to help the people they claim they care about and are there to "help"... Trump immigrant-ban protesters asked to house refugees—oops!
  17. cnelsen

    White man says Jews have too much power

    White man says Jews have too much power, he's a Nazi. Jew says whites have too much power, he's a columnist for the New York Times. h/t Charles Lindbergh ‏@attentionmustbe
  18. P@triot

    What happened to the progressive narrative on "sharing the wealth"?

    Here are the Obama's - the first family of "I am my brother's keeper" - sporting outrageous $20,000 dresses. That's as much as an automobile. Do you know how many hungry children could be fed for $40,000?!? Sasha & Malia Obama could have worn $30 dresses from Walmart and all of that money could...
  19. P@triot

    A comprehensive examination of liberalism

    Another day, another liberal lie, and another example of disgusting and deplorable hypocrisy. The Claim Secretary of State John Kerry said in Vienna on Friday that air conditioners and refrigerators are as big of a threat to life as the threat of terrorism posed by groups like the Islamic...
  20. P@triot

    The application of the liberal ideology in the 21st century

    Our founders created a framework of government to ensure liberty and justice. For over 100 years now, liberals have circumvented that framework under the guise of "equality" to push their agenda. One of the many problems of that approach is that they never apply their own position in a...
  21. P@triot

    The rise of the disingenuous UNEQUAL "equals"

    Tragically, we see it all across the United States today. That sect of our population who believes that the rules do not apply to them. They expect you to share your wealth - but they won't share their's. They expect you to accept something which is against your belief system, but they won't...
  22. P@triot

    Bernie Sanders Hauls In $44 Million in March Fund-Raising

    And of course, he will not only distribute this evenly among Hillary Clinton but also Ted Cruz, John Kasich, amd Donald Trump because that is what he truly believes in and he wouldn't want to be a greedy hypocritical dirt-bag. After all, he wants the entire election to be "fair" - right...

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