gender pronouns

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    Anti-science liberals tell teachers to not refer to students as boys or girls

    Do not refer to female pupils as 'girls' or 'ladies' because it 'reminds them of their gender', headteachers told Teachers should not refer to pupils as “girls" or "ladies” because it means they are “constantly reminded of their gender”, the Government’s former mental health tsar has said...
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    I don't give a fuck about "net neutrality"

    The same liberal faggots who own/run Facebook, Amazon, Google, etc. are the same kinds of faggots as the University panel in this audio where they grill a student for daring to portray Jordan Peterson in a neutral and objective way:
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    Woman sexually identifies as an "objectarian" and "marries" a train station.

    I'm sure they'll make cute, little, train station hybrid babies.
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    When gender pronouns meet reality: man tries to kiss diamondback rattlesnake

    Obviously, this man sexually identified as an otherkin, center of gender queer, diamondback rattlesnake. Spoilers: Too bad the diamondback rattlesnake was an alt right nazi and bit him.
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    If you call a person by one of the wrong ~300 gender pronouns, you can go to jail in Canada

    And, yes, I wrote ~300 instead of just 70 or whatever, because I'm being progressive. How do you know there are only 70 something genders? Bigot.

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